Advice about growing indicas and sativas in a grow tent

From a fellow grower: If I’m growing indica and sativa in a 5 x 5 grow tent and the indica is ready sooner, how do I adjust the lighting for flowering for the indica while the sativa are not ready?

I intend to attempt using the SCROG method and am not sure if this can be used for both strains or if it will be an issue inside the tent.

Can the SCROG be used for indica and sativa and in a 5 x 5 tent attempting this grow approach, how many plants should be in the tent and if I do split between both strains, how many of each?

Please clarify the terms for my next purchase and I’ll await hearing back as my tent is due to be delivered by this Friday. If you have any installation tips regarding whether the tent can be on a basement floor very dry but may get some moisture and if it should be constructed on top of wooden pallets?

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They should join the forum.

As far as some cultivars taking longer to flower, what’s stopping you from harvesting plants as they finish?

I don’t prefer the SCROG setup myself, with a few exceptions. I would not put multiple plants into the same grid, mainly because it’s impossible to move them at that point. There’s nothing I can think of that would stop you from using a SCROG, regardless of the natural growth habit of a plant. So use a SCROG if you want, but use one per plant, IMHO.

I’d look at manifolding if you want a squat plant. With minimal pruning and a lot of low stress training, you can make the canopy really flat on a plant.

Another thought is to grow “Indicas” and “Sativas” separately. I’d go with a tent of faster plants first so that you have something to use, and then grow the longer-flowering plants. New growers tend to pack tents too tightly anyways. At a minimum, a mature plant grown from seed should have 24”x24”, again, IMHO.