Flower stretching

Newbie grower, bought some seeds y greice which is a sativa and it says it can stretch to almost 13 feet tall. Propblem is i have a 7 foot tent. How can i manage these big girls in a small tent. Will be buying and short indica later but need to know how to keep these ladies under control.

What type of a light are you running? I grew a few superfruit which is sativa and i topped them at about 20 inches.i also used a homemade scrog net so if they stretched too close to my light i would tie em back.im ole school so i use 1000 watt system in an air cooled hood with strong ventilation.and pretty much most of the time my tent is also open.
Hope this helps ya bud.
Good luck, and happy growing

Got a 600 hps dimmable. Always open, what about smell during flowering? Thank you for the info, very appreciative

I vent the whole room since i grow open tent.so i use a carbon filter vented into my atric

If you switch to 12/12 when they’re 24"-36" high they’ll probably only stretch 2x their height, maybe less.

You could always try scrogging to keep your height lower too.

Thanks, appreciate it.