Advanced nutrients system

I bought advanced nutrients micro, bloom and grow. Can this system be used for growing in soil? Or is this just for hydroponics?

I believe it can be used in both. I use it in soilless(promix) and haven’t had any complaints

Doesn’t @garrigan62 use Advanced Nutrients?

Yes he did for many years and stands behind them. But now he makes his own soil and uses no nutrients. It’s all in the soil naturaly.


that @garrigan62 guy is something else!

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Is that in a good way or bad way there sir @BIGE lmao

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in a good way my friend…

I know that just mess’n with ya hahaha any way good morning and what have you been up to lately ?

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just livin’the dream…lol

That’s awesome, I’m smoke’n it…lol

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I have been using ANS In soil for two years. I use it in my tent grow and in my outdoor planter grows. I have had no problems with it.

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