Additive Question

I’m helping my brother with his legal (medical card) grow and we have some questions. Yesterday one of his autos was suffering from severe calcium and magnesium problems. The only thing he was feeding it besides water was Flower Fuel once a week. He has a photo that is still in veg and all he gives that besides water is Alaskan Fish supplement also once a week. Here’s his plan for watering/feeding the auto: water, then next time Recharge, then next time CalMag, then the next time Flower Fuel and repeat. For the photo, water, then next time Recharge, then next time Alaskan Fish supplement. The auto is in flower stage and the photo is in veg. The photo started the same “rust spots” on the leaves like the auto, but nowhere near as bad. Does anyone see problems with the above?


Welcome to the community Grow Bro, what base nutrients are you/him using. Flower fuel is missing nitrogen and secondary nutrients needed for a successful grow :love_you_gesture:

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He is only using the things mentioned above because he wants to keep it as organic as possible.

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How about pictures of the affected plants?

Need a full spectrum of nutrients unless outdoors or organic.

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He’s all about the organic. Doesn’t want to put chemicals in his stuff.

Same…I don’t feed, just growing autos in organic soil and water only; so I can’t help you much with your current issues, but I would recommend in the future looking into growing with enough decent soil so you’re only managing your environment and water(ing) since it seems like that’d be up his alley.

Thank you.