Adding new tank to hydroponic system

I have added a new tank for of mix that slowly feeds into the main system. Is it ok to leave it for say 10 days like this or do I need to add a water pump or air stone. Thanks

I would say add an air stone.


How does system work? You probably need the air stone, but it will likely cause ph problems unattended for 10 days.


Hey there. I have a 20 litre container with hose at bottom feeding my Power grower top feed with air stone. I now have stones in both tanks with PH perfect and root guard.

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Just by gravity

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I don’t have any experience with the ph perfect stuff. Hopefully it will hold up.


I’ll give it a go and see what happens lol

If your reservoir is separate from the growing area and not recirculating water between the grow area and it, and its sole purpose is to simply add water via a float switch or something, then the pH should hold stable.

I have a submersible pump that sits on the bottom of my reservoir and pumps water through a hose, out of the reservoir, then back into the reservoir and dumps it out on the surface.

This also keeps the oxygen levels up without pumping oxygen into the reservoir, which is one of the reasons that people believe that their ph alters in the rez


If your reservoir is circulating water between it and the grow buckets then you will have pH problems in the reservoir whether you put air stones in there or not

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So no real reason to pump oxygen into the sep tank ?

I never said that…water will be more oxygenated if you do

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I pump air into everything that has water sitting in it


Depending on when in the grow. [quote=“TDubWilly, post:12, topic:34848”]
pump air into everything that has water sitting in it

I do not for no particular reason.

When I first start my plants, they run a few weeks with NOTHING done to them as far as adjusting anything. It doesn’t change for me the first few weeks. Then during veg, everything runs pretty smooth. Once you get into flower, things start changing and require more monitoring. [quote=“Sutton, post:4, topic:34848”]
Power grower top feed with air stone. I

I don’t know what this is. Pictures would be helpful.


This is because the amount of osmosis taking place is very small due to a very small root mass. This would actually be the safest time to go on a road trip.

At this point you have a massive root ball drinking lots of water and taking up lots of nutrients due to osmosis. The plant can be picky sometimes about what all chemicals its taking in through osmosis and sometimes allows hydrogen atoms to pass the membrane along with the water and sometimes not.

pH means potential hydrogen and if some hydrogen atoms are getting left behind as water is being taken up by the plant then the pH will obviously change


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General hydroponics system

Think PH perfect would help keep it stable ?

Picture did not upload.

@TDubWilly all that stuff is correct. Like you said, in the beginning is the BEST time for a trip.


Do you mean the Torus perfect ph balancer?
ph balancer

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I’m using advanced nutrients ph perfect. Seems to work really good