Some advise needed

Question from a fellow grower:

Hey folks, love the website as it has been very helpful in getting my grow operation up and running. I have a question, I am running a DWS Hydro system which I feed typically every other day while my plants are in the vegetative state. My question is that once the roots grow long enough to be sitting in my nutrient solution do I have to leave my oxygen bubbler running 24/7 to keep the roots from drowning? Or maybe I should run my hydro system every day to make up for oxygen loss? Thanks for the help.

welcome to the forum. we have lots of experienced growers here. i grow in soil so i am not much help with deep water culture questions but someone will be along before long

Best to keep air stones bubbling 24/7.


Air is king in hydro. I keep my bubble stone going constantly. I think hydroponics is far better than dirt, since you control the water, air and light.