Adding a t5 fixture during flowering

I am currently into week #4 of flowering my white widows which I got from Bergmans lab. I am currently flowering under a 600 watt hps bulb which is in an air cooled hood. My question being I have a T5 fixture that I used to start the plants am I able to add that light into the tent? If so will it be beneficial or will it hurt the plants since it was not in there since the start of flowering?

Any help is appreciated this is my 1st grow and my ladies are looking great so far.

You could use it as a side light if you want to hang it from one side and allow it to hang horizontally under the canopy. Other than that it would be of no use since you are using a 600w lamp. The big lamp can only penetrate so far into the foliage. Adding a side lamp can increase size of the lower small newer buds that continue to struggle under normal top lighting. :slight_smile:

Thank you for your info.

If I were to add the T5 would it mess with the plants meaning would adding the light add stress to the plant?

I just didn’t want to throw it in there if it could potentially harm the plants since it wasn’t In there at the start of flowering. I know these plants can be finicky so didn’t want to ruin a good thing that is going.

Thanks again