Add Bud advice needed

Hi guys

U have all been amazing with my first grow. My girls are all outside and are planted in soil from the farm compost heap full if horse, cow, chook and alpaca poop.
All plants seem healthy and are around the 5+feet mark.
They have been fed with commercial fertiliser, firstly nitrogen base for their growth and now on a flower/vegetable fertiliser. They are now stsrting week 4 (approx) of flower… All except one who is still growing leaves. Here, daylight is 13 hours a day and 12/12 is in 2 weeks.

Have started using Add Bud… Not sure if it is only available in Oz but would love to know anyone comments on this product…am about to put them on this daily (depending on whether they need watering, we are still getting 30+/90+ degree days)
I was told to use this product until harvest… Any reviews greatly appreciated :relaxed:
Also approx how long does flowering last? We are in our first week of autumn/fall



I’ve never seen it before. A web search looks like mostly .Au results. You may be correct in that it’s not exported.

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