Flowering fertilizer?

I read the grow guide, could not find info I needed there, so once I set light cycle to 12/12 for first week of flowering, I read that the plant tops will continue to grow upward, some info I read say they will still need good amount of nitrogen in this cycle, and some say they wont need further Nitrogen to grow just more levels of K and P? So flowering nitrogen or not? And at what point do I add high K/P bloom fertilizer?


Roll a joint and read this that’s what I did just now. Very good read very insightful thank you


What brand of nutrients are you using :love_you_gesture: if you haven’t chosen one, looks at Jacks 321, a 2 part fertilizer that you run start to finish just need to add epson salt. Simple, clean and last forever :love_you_gesture:


The optimal light schedule is 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness for the entire life cycle of your autoflowering plants.
This is what it says throughout that whole awesome step by step guide.
I’m new but I just listened to what other posts people recommend. My first round came out awesome and I hammered my plants with light nutrients and proper pH water checking. Once in a while a little bit of hydrogen peroxide in the water too. Good luck

This is what’s called the flower stretch, usually lasts about 3 weeks.

You absolutely need N, especially during the flower stretch, the plants will be growing and need the extra N. NPK ratios will vary based on your specific nutrients, but I’d expect higher N at the beginning and taper later in flower. As mentioned above, some run the same formula the entire grow.

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Same i was thinking. Follow schedule for nutrient package you have, it should account for what is needed.

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using dry fox farm happy frog all purpose 6-4-5 right now and blood meal on 2 plants, 5 plants doing well so far, 26-32 inches tall and very bushy. time to go to 12/12 cycle though, was going to use dry fox farm cultivation nation 4-35-26 for transition to flowering**, I dont have any fox farm for blooming but might use beasty bloomz 0-50-30 for mid to late bloom.**

I think what I will do is stay with the FF all purpose and enhance with blood meal for 3 weeks of early flower and growth, then flush and start cultivation nation week 3-6 and finish with beasty bloomz last 14-20 days or so.

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That’s a good transition ratio for phosphorus, the jacks bloom I run the 1st 3 weeks is very similar (10-30-20) but I transition back to 5-12-26 for weeks 4-7 and finish weeks 8-10ish with jacks 7-15-30. I water feed the last 2 weeks leading to harvest :love_you_gesture:

Yeah, think for this term gonna stay with fox farm products until finished. Was going to buy their triple pack for flower/mid flower/bloom# Open Sesame, Cha Ching, & Beastie Bloomz, but I think I can get by with FF all purpose and blood meal then switch to initial light dose FF cultivation nation flower and see what happens

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I’m a less is more dude as well. I’m also a former FF trio user that switched to jacks a few years back and the plants love it :love_you_gesture: