Accidental Flower. Revegging

I was lazy and did not set up the timer thinking I could just turn it on manually each day when I wake up. Mistake. I had both over slept and left for the day forgetting to turn light on. The flowers are forming. Ive heard. Trim flowers asap and also to wait some time then trim them. Flowers are equally forming throughout the plant.

I was advised its very possible to reveg after this. I did not switch to flower nutrients. Still high Nitrogen for veg. I now have timer on 18/6

Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Mars Hydro Sp3000
Fox Farm Trio Nutrients ( Once soil has run out)
Cal Mag, Hydroguard, Silica Blast
Water Ph 6.5
ILGM Blue Dream

Ive been told to fill out a ticket on ILGM forum before. I thought the description written above was that. If it helps me I would like to know how to fill one out

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If that is an auto gonna do her thing. No stopping her. A drawback to auto.


If its a auto u will have to let it go


As others have already said, if it’s a auto nothing can be done. If it’s photo period it will reveg , it will take some time. Judging by her current size, you may consider keeping her in flower. No need to fill out support Ticket. :+1:


Revegging isn’t so bad, as long as time isn’t a factor. It’s going to take 4 weeks at least before you start growing normal looking vegetation again. She will be one tough cookie tho :mechanical_arm:
Example… she will start looking funky. Don’t sweat it. This was a clone I used to sex out a plant. Since it’s a female, and an expensive pack… I opted to keep it around.


An extended dark period will not trigger flowering. It must be an auto.

A one-day event of extended light will not cause flowering. It takes several consecutive days of less than 14 hours of light to trigger flowering in a photo.


I’m doing triple takes overs here lol this has to be an auto. It’s looking like 2nd… maybe 3rd week of flower. (Guesstimating)


1 day is not going to mess up a 12 12 flower. So do you want to reveg. If so carry on if not stay on 12 12 it should be fine. Everything i said pertains to photoperiod. It takes more than a day to make it want to reveg.
Just not sure of your goal.


I did the same thing and screwed up schedule on a Photo and got this. Community said to let it go, so I am. But she will and does look funky as stated earlier here.


How long did you screw up the shcedual. I have dine it several times for 1 day with no problems.

4 days and it changed.

Ya 4 day’s might make a difference