AC Infinity Terraform7

Was checking out the ACI Terraform7 information to see if they provided any ‘pressure vs. flow’ maps for the onboard fan(s) for each of the hose configs, to see if they try to back up their “8000 BTU : Covers up to 10 x 10 x 10 ft. grow tents” air-handling stat, & spoiler alert, ACI seems to never provide ‘pressure vs. flow’ maps for any of their fan products, so instead I started just looking through the instruction manual to see how it works in general. I wonder if people realize that it’s an A/C, OR a heater, OR a dehumidifier - based on how you configure the air intakes & outlets. It’s not like you just set it up once & it does everything automatically from there. In fact it seems like it can only do one of those things at a time, & that depends on the hose configuration.

Terraform7 Instruction Manual

It’ll be interesting to see if/how people end up using it.

Also wondering if it actually has R-22 in it, which would be a plus compared to the newer stuff.



R-22 has been banned. No new AC has used that for 10+ years


Oops, I meant to type R-32, since it’s mentioned in the instructions. I thought R-32 has also been phased out, but I may be wrong about that.


A new toy invented. I looked on the AC Infinity site and they were sold out. I like their products for me they have performed. I wonder about this product can’t wait to some actual reports of ease and performance


A ‘pressure vs. flow’ map up front would be nice, but they don’t do that for any of their fans (one reason I like Vortex stuff). They don’t even give max static flow numbers or a max pressure number for this one.

Not sure about ease of use, unless people understand going in that it only does one thing at a time, based on how they configure the hoses.

The dehumidifier design & setup seems a little weird, too. Looks like they want you to run it closed-circuit with the condenser exhausting back into the tent. Would be interesting to see where that ends up temp-wise with the lights running in any space 10’x10’x10’ or smaller.

Seems like the only trick it really has, is that it connects to their controller & their app.


I noticed an alert for this upcoming show by the AC Infinity Inc youtube channel a couple days ago:

AC Infinity After Dark | Episode 17 - All About the TERRAFORM 7 Air Conditioner

(Title of the link above cut & pasted directly from their title)
Watched the replay & my favorite comment so far was made by “benstonedproductions710”:
"Maybe ac infinity should fill these guys in on information before they all start pushing thier products…none of these guys had a clue about the new terraform…but they know how the trim tr(a)y works… "


After that, I saw a “Short” for something called a “Terraform” fan, & I checked their site & noticed that “Terraform” posts “pressure vs. flow” charts for all of their “EC series” fans. Those charts tell me how the fans actually perform before I buy, & I can compare them to the “pressure vs. flow” charts that Vortex posts for their VTX & S-Line series.

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