AC Infinity Cloudline Intake Outtake Question

I’ve got the green light from the wifey to start growing in our garage 2’ X 4’ closet as long as I kept it stealthy and quiet (we have two boys 11 & 13). We live in San Diego so our summers aren’t too bad but still battling 90 degrees mid day to late afternoon temps inside the closet.

I have two AC Infinity Cloudline fans; T4 and T6. I was planning on utilizing the 6” for out take and the 4” for intake but does it make more sense to do it the other way around? Not sure if I’m over thinking it and any advice would be appreciated!


No sir you’re correct you want to force air out as much as possible for more fresher air to come in… what will be your source of intake air… window unit… as long as your not pulling in damp moist air or warm air in summer months you’ll be fine :+1: just my opinion… i bought a window unit with heat and air for my room to grow year round and I’m very pleased with it… i can drop my tent temperatures down in the 60’s at night to get better colouration on my buds…

The closet is in the corner of the garage so I’m pulling from a 5” x 12” opening that leads to the outside of the house. I should be and to pull air most of the day except for days like today where it was sweltering from noon to 5pm. I finished making the connections and will be able to really monitor the fans tomorrow. The AC Infinity controller gives more accurate temp analytics than my cheapo thermometers.

That sounds great just set your timer to where your light is off during the hottest hours of the day and you should be good . Best of luck

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Agree with coonass. Run your lights at night and you should be able to pull it off.

I just finished a grow in my garage and you definitely want to run the lights at night and off during the day. I ended up having to buy a portable AC unit and put it in the tent and even then I could barely get my lights off temps to 70 and humidity ran higher than I would have liked but since I never shut off the circulation fans I avoided any mold or rot.
In those conditions she’ll grow just fine - it’s the flowering out that gets touchy when that humidity remains high.
Just keep the air moving and as cool as you possibly can and keep a close eye on them and you should be fine.
Best of luck to you!!