About time to let the girls out

Almost time , I’m thinking about putting the tallest one out in a 15 gallon grow bag today . We should be past any frost danger. They are Afghani photos btw. I figure start with one and maybe do the other two in a week or so.


What’s your day time temps and what’s your plan for hardening them?

15 gal bag can be a bugger to move sometimes.

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The temps are 60-70s depending on cloud cover , nights are in the 50s. It’s only about 2-3 weeks earlier than I normally would put them out. That’s why I thought about starting with one and seeing how goes. I use tomato cages for support and plan to cover them in clear plastic if needed.

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Where I’m at I have to be very care to introduce mine to real sun slowly. I start with 20 minutes or so twice a day and move up in 20 minutes increments until I have out there for several hours. Before I leave them in full sun all day.

I took some out for a 1 hour hardening and receive a package, forgot about them in the sun… screwed up the whole grow.

Even at 70f the first introduction to sun can be brutal on them.

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Ok, wasn’t sure what you meant by hardening them. I was just going to put on my best Chopper Reid Aussie accent and tell them “ Harden the f##k up!” Lol


LOL… dude I think I could actually hear that. :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

@DankyMcSkunkbud his skits are funny,had a couple friends from Oz show me them.

You plan to put them into a 15 gal bag you better have a way to wheel it around cause I use 30 and 10 gal bags and even when on the drier side the 10 gal is heavy. Good luck

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I actually filled one with soil from my compost bin and carried it across the lawn and up onto my back deck, so I could transplant it. They are a bit on the heavy side.