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I monster cropped a girl scout cookie seed was from NC. I want to know, should I top it like I would any other plant It already has like thirty limbs,and it isn’t a foot tall yet. There are tricomes spread all over truly Amazing.

ALSO I say monster cropping as a form of cloning

Hello, I’m a first time indoor grower and I’m currently caring for 1 plant (Mexican Kush *I think) that seems to have vegetated way too long, that’s fine because she has plenty branches however my girl seems to be dropping all of her older leaves that are below the new branches.

Is this normal?

Hi there my indoor room is at the 3rd / 4th week of flowering, while the lower buds looks good, on the top I see only skinny buds empty n without resin…

Can someone tell me what this brown leaf tip means?

Not sure if I’m doing this online forum correctly. I have bluecheese on the 8th week of flowering. Some seem to be making a bunch of new very light colored hairs and sprouting new buds on the big colas. Some are looking perfect and almost ready to harvest. Should I flush them and be done? Not sure if things went a little long but I ran out of root room in my supercloset too so there’s another limitation with it. Am I posting this to the correct page or place?

Curious why my plants are so short and buds are so small??? I’m using 600r hlg light in an ax infinity tent with in-line fan/ oscillating fan for upper canopy the works, also humidifier as well… I have currently been low stress training my plants, and giving proper nutrients once a week… lolly poped aswell… growing blackberry kush and Bruce banner.

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Afghan Auto Drama Queen
Day 45 and week 1 of flower. Feeding has been compost tea only water when dry (my recipe from UofDenver cannabis ed). Running 18/6 under the Mars Hydro TS1000. No bugs, Temp 70-75F RH 55-70%. Some LST and removed a few big fans blocking. No issues until recently. The other seed damped off the first week. Oddly, for the last few days at about 7:30 pm (lights from 6am to midnite) we get the severe drooping of only cola and top leaves, all others firm and reaching. Then in the morning, they perk right back up. Pics are from the evening droopy and morning perky. Tested the microbloom on other plants before adding to tea for this one, so that’s not it. Turned the light down to 80% and moved it higher. That’s not it. Ran one liter of clear water, and that’s not it. Not over or under watered. Is it auto growing at 12/12, or what?

Need help is this over watering ? Or light stress?

Over watered? Nuke burn? Light stress

I am facing an issue I never had before.
I have two autos that are FULL of pistils, they are huge (around 1.60 m tall indoor) but are stuck in this phase for weeks. No buds, no more stretch.

Can someone help ?

This is my first time I have tried this with all the correct equipment, ie seeds for ILGM, great soil and some killer grow lights. My question is about germination and sprouts. I did the seeds in water until I had about a 1/4’ tail, placed them about 1/2" down on March 1, lights, 70-75 temp. and keeping it sprayed w/water. Nothing has broke through to the surface yet. Been 6 days, am I over anxious?
Thanks in advance!

First timer, make the hurting stop. I feel like I am doing something wrong and they are suffering needlessly.
I used cactus soil for drainage. Not wanting to overwater a wait for dry out, I water w/ ro and no change.

Does anyone know what this could possibly be ? I keep discovering numerous possibilities and end up confused to what I should narrow it down to!
Veg week 3
3 strains
Grown in coco 600w led that is dimmed down to 30% at a height of 600mm
Sealed room with co2 at 800ppm
Room temp is around 24C and 60% humidity
I think the vpd is in an acceptable range
Water just a single part grow nutrient EC 1.4 don’t usually water till runoff but never really had a problem doing it that way either, PH is around the 6 mark. Plants were good when first taking off as clones , unfortunately some of the clones I received from a friend were in soil so when transplanted I shook all the soil off the roots which I understand would of shocked them abit, but not for weeks after, and they were starting to grow after transplant anyway so didn’t think that was causing my issue.

Stems are reddish/purple slow stunted grow, light green leaf coverage and bottom leaves getting light between veins and then slowly brown/rusty edges and spots

Hey, welcome to the community. You will get alot of help here when its more active. It seems empty lately. I guess alot of members are busy with their grows. Understandable.
I caught this post because i am having a similar problem with one of my plants. But i am pretty sure i know what is the cause of it. I need to adjust the pH down to 5.8 because i mixed up an unorthodox variety of substrates in a rush while i was transplanting them. I ran low on my good soil and had to add coco coir to have enough to fill six 5 gallon pots in a hurry to get them off my porch they were growing so good.
Its probably your pH. 5.8 for coco. Your real close at 6. Im at 6.4 and the roots are hitting the coco now. :crazy_face: i forgot which one i did that to when i transplanted.
Yeah, and feed them more get them up to about 1200 ppm. Check your run off…it will live.

HELP!!! I sprayed Green Cleaner. Now leaves are crisp and brown

Hello world, I need a little advice, I started a “mimosa” feminized from royal queens seed bank on the new moon. It sprouted in two days in a mix of 75% coco, 25% ocean farms, the coco I rehydrated with RO water for a day, drain, the soak in mag/cal at 10ml per gallon of water, drain then mix with the ocean farms soil, this has worked well for me before but on this seeding it seems as if the first leaves are damaged by something, any ideas or possible suggestions? It is under a 45w LED light set at 18 hours of light 6 off, temps are a high of 78 during light hours and 74 during dark, I spray RO water when I see the dirt is drying out thru the clear solo cup with takes about 3 days, thanks for your time and help