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I have 5 plant just starting out, but one has dropped leaves, I 4 outside and one in the middle of all of them

can anyone tell me what the problem is?

sorry druppy leaves, they are still green, but not full and opened like the other 5 plants.

The ends of leafs Turing dark, week 5 flowering, help please

Soo…I messed this grow up I know. However, I think I may have one decent small bud. I was able to attend to it properly so my question is should I just harvest this little Bruce Banner auto now?

I was not able to attend to this plant properly.

IM getting ready to Harvest my summer crop of Bruce Banner…
some look great, ready to harvest, I used all femenized seeds but cloned a few plants as well… as I am trimming, I noticed pollen sacks/seeds pods… still sticky buds… is this possible? are these buds useable?

Pictures here…

This Pineapple Haze plant is 10 weeks into blooming and I’m about a week away from harvesting it but I noticed it has like a white cotton in the cracks of the big top bud. Everything else looks great with the plant. Its growing in soil indoors. Does this look normal? I don’t recall noticing it on the previous plants I grew.

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This is mold, do not consume this. Check entire plant and remove anything that has this on it. I know some people who will try to remove all the mold and treat with water and hydrogen peroxide mixture. I’ve never had it on a living plant. I’m going to tag a couple of people who can better help you with this issue. @Myfriendis410 @BobbyDigital @MidwestGuy


Yeah that’s mold. Had some on my gold leaf due to a mishap in the dry tent. It’s much worse once you pull that bud open. I discarded all the buds that had that.


Thanks guys for your comments, it’s nice to have somewhere to go for info like this. I appreciate you taking the time to warn me. I will discard the buds that have this white mold.

Can anyone help with this gg4 clone. Ive kept it under 24hr light with my autos and is recovering from ph issues. What the heck is this?

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Help! New grower, 5 gallon DWC. This is my second round and the first came out great. A little fluffy, but great. Changed the water and added 80% strength flora grow and this is what happened. Can they be saved?!?

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I don’t grow DWC and can’t give a lot of advice specific to that. But looking at pics yellowing leaves would indicate a nitrogen deficiency.

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First time on forum I’m more a beginner grower, I’ve started with a few medians but coc coir has down well for me, healthy wise, but is it strong enough or sturdy enough to hold big pants up? I’m in a bigger tent now? About 2wk Veg stage. Hydroponic type

Is coco coir a good median and will it be able to handle the weight of the plant, I got a larger and taller grow tent. This and paper towel method is all I’ve used so far with all my others.

new user here, i cant figure out how to post a question. ive signed up, it doesnt show me a button to click on to make a post???


I’m a beginner grower and I don’t know why my plant looks like this and how do I fix this?

Need help identifying problem first time doing seeds
White widow photo
In humidity dome 75% rh 72f
Got a 75% germ rate outta 4 sprout
Why does single plant look funky with yellow stripes all water with ph’d tap water cubes we’re soaked in 5.5 ph water for 24hrs