About 2 weeks into my first grow, white widow autos, thinking of starting some lst soon but looking for advice

Heres a video of the plants

any advice is appreciated


I would wait just a nother week or so to start.

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Definitely wait til u have 4 to 6 nodes before u top or fim. U can bend the main over now if u want give it a slight bend to make it start going sideways and as it starts twistin back up to the light just keep pulling the tip down and keep it low if thats what u are looking for. If not just leave her be and clean up the bottom third of the plant in another week or 2. This is a fast buds 420 original bubblegum auto grown in canna coco with jacks 321 and amendments

Only just under 2 weeks in flower


Welcome to the forum! Great place to voice concerns and get advice!

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You can check out my grow log for ideas if you want.

I started my white widow auto about day 18-20 with just moving large fan leaves slightly so the lower nodes would get more light.

Day 16 or so from my plant: https://global.discourse-cdn.com/growingmarijuana/original/4X/3/4/b/34bd94cf80ee2180949cc7248df3d2c9a743765e.jpeg

Here’s a picture of her from yesterday: https://global.discourse-cdn.com/growingmarijuana/original/4X/4/e/8/4e8a63e3f2bc478ca0cc8df94616361567b9e5b7.jpeg

I planted her December 5th so I think it is on day 72? She’s in week 5 from when I noticed her first flowers.

Welcome to the forum. Great place to learn, or be taken to school I feel at times! :rofl: :nerd_face:

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