A space question

I have a 3’ X 20" grow tent with a 400 Watt HPS light. Currently I am growing a single Northern Lights plant in an Earthbox and am in flowering stage (about 3-4 weeks of flowering) and the plant pretty much takes up the area of the grow tent. When this plant is harvested I will switch to Hydroponics (DWC) and grow Blue Dream. I started assembling my DWC system while the Northern Lights grow was in its early stages and figured that the Grow Tent was capable of supporting 2 plants so I purchased a 2’ X 16" X 1’ storage tub. I drilled two evenly spaced holes in the top for two 6 inch net baskets. Installed a vertical clear plastic tube on the outside to indicate the nutrient level in the container, a separate fill tube and a drain spout for draining and obtainint nutrient samples for testing. (Trying to think about everything ahead of time because the space is small).

So now with the Northern Lights pretty much spreading around the tent I’m thinking I really only have room for one plant. Then I see a blog post on this site about the “Cash Crop 4.0 - 6 Plant Hydroponics Grow Box”. This grow box has less square footage than my tent. So do you think my Grow Tent can support 2 plants or would I loose the benefit of the 2nd plant because of the cramped quarters? I also expect to do the next grow using SCNOG.

I’m pretty new to Hydroponics and growing in enclosed spaces. I do have to comment that if you are into soil I would highly recommend earth boxes. I’ve used them for years growing tomatoes and have done a couple grows of weed with them now. Robert has a section in his book building a similar system with a couple of storage containers.

Any Thoughts?


You should be able to grow two plants in there no problem. Absolutely you could fill the whole space with one plant. Many people grow one plant in 5’x 5’, 6’ x 6’ or even much larger. Some people grow small “lolly pop” like clones, as many as 4 per square foot. The only difference is how long you want to veg the plant and how big you want the plant to be when it finishes.

Someone else asked as similar question but for a much larger area and I was going to put the link here for you so you could read that discussion for any ideas but I couldn’t find it. I’m sure it is here somewhere, if you want to dig around the forum.

Anyway I had also linked a high times magazine link that also discussed number of plants per area and here is that link: http://www.hightimes.com/read/insiders-grow-planting-density-spacing

Thank you for your quick response. That is encouraging. I’m looking forward to the next grow.:slight_smile: