A little help regarding soil moisture

Hello. I was hoping to get a little advice regarding soil moisture. Ive got a dozen sprouts in cups FFHF. all are 6 days since going into rooter or straight to soil. temps 72-74F Rh 65-74 65@night

Basically all my cups look about the same 1/4" to 1/2" dry the rest lightly moist. I give a couple sprits to the top soil a few times a day but dont want to over water. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Also This is kind of a double post. I have a journal here with more info >>> Golgi apparatus - #27 by Jackie_Daytona

Top half is exposed to the air, and is just drier than the stuff below.

right. wondering if I should moisten it up or not.
I also have this going on all of a sudden with a few of the plants. Second set of leaves discoloration.

thanks for the reply

I wouldn’t be too overly concerned.

The problem to look out for at this stage is over watering. Pick up the cup, does it feel heavy or light? Heavy means full of water/moisture, light cup means not much moisture. Don’t water a heavy cup, it should feel almost empty when it’s time to water. Over watering leads to slow and stunted growth.

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thanks for the input. they look and feel as if they are still holding some moisture. just the top 1/4 inch or so is dry.

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It’s fine for the top of the soil to be dry, actually you want that, keeps your sprouts from damping off, another problem common with keeping seedlings too wet. I not a fan of daily spraying, let the soil dry up (light cup) then water about 3-4 ozs, let that dry up, will take 4-5 days, repeat as needed.

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Take a look at my grow guide journal, starts with raising and watering of sprouts.

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Perfect. Will do thank you.