A little help on why my plants seem to be growing slowly

Seeds germinated and sprouted within 4 days of planting. Are 5 weeks old from sprouting. I believe they are an indica type(my fave) but not sure what strain. They are only 4 and 6 inch tall for 5 weeks. Including a picture for visual reference, I appreciate and value any helpful advice or tips to keep these plants healthy. I’m growing indoors, keep the temp at 80 degree average and have a fan running for air circulation. Using natural sunlight near a window that gets sun through most of the day, and letting night be it’s dark hour. Might my method be the reason for it’s slow growth?

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A couple of suggestions:

One is still a seedling. I expect a lack of light is inhibiting them. You’ll need to get proper lighting on them. Cannabis needs a LOT of light to grow properly.

One plant per pot. You’ll end up with entangled roots on plants that may mature at different rates.


The window blocks out UV rays. They need to be in actual light outdoors or grow lights like HLG indoors.

I learned about the UV rays being blocked from owning two Marmoset monkeys.


this is 30 days old from cotyledon leaves. Maybe 3 1’2" but has been under a good veg light.

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Thank you for the advice. I’ll be fixing that shortly and getting ultraviolet led lights

I didn’t know that windows block uv rays. Thank you very much. P.s.: marmosets are awesome creatures!

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I want to know more about those Monkeys please.

Also, I shocked the seedling when I was trying to carefully transplant to it’s own pot. I culled it because it went completely limp in a wilt. No worries though I dropped another seed in it’s own pot now I’ll see where that grows

Still waiting on my grow lights to arrive. Been trying to keep this plant in as much sunlight as possible. Moved on to have two full sets of 5 tier leaves, staying green and healthy. Using fresh ground coffee for nitrogen, mashed potatoe flakes for potassium since ilgm is outta stock on their fertilizers. I really want to order Bergman’s fertilizers but they’re outta stock. So far I’m noticing long preflower and not rounded. No pistules yet so still too early to determine gender. Still haven’t researched what I’ll use for phosphorus if I can’t get that Bergman’s fertilizer by time the plant hits flowering stage. Also there is reddish brown streaking on the stalks and leave stems, am thinking its thc developing that will run down into the buds when its flowering. Here’s two more pics, I feel I’m doing pretty good for my first grow ever. And how blessed would that be to have female plant on the first try!

. What do y’all think?

That’s not how it works. The reddish color on stems is either genetic and common to the strain you are growing or caused by nutrient deficiencies, various types of stress, poor environment, or pH problems.

Thousands of companies make fertilizer, no reason to go without because one company is out of stock.