A little help here . . . please . .

Hello Everyone,

This is my first time growing and all I really did was plant the seeds in a planter on a rail, once they grew about ten inches tall transplanted to a pot, and occasionally watered with plant food.

The past couple of days my leaves are yellowing. Initially I was alarmed but have read this is simply the nutrients being diverted to the flowers. I ran to Lowes and purchased Super thrive to add to the water.

You guys are incredibly informed. I have not checked any levels of anything, but now after reading some posts feel the need to order that pocket microscope to look at the T things being cloudy or amber before I cease watering, right? See, I’m learning.

I did not expect the paltry seeds from my “getting right with the world” to actually grow into these beautiful plants. However, now that they have I have become engaged.

My next plant will undoubtedly not be this hands off . . . which comically may be it’s downfall.

I appreciate any advice. I am in Pennsylvania and am now fearing the coming frost, as well. I have no idea at what stage my little girls are. From what I have read, I am guessing 6-8 weeks to harvest.

Thanks! Have a great weekend everyone!


Don’t think that’s gonna help anything, mostly just B vitamins, what you’re plant is going to need in flowering is a bloom fertilizer, you mention giving it plant food, what are you using?

I agree you need a bloom fertilizer to give it what it needs.

The yellowing is most likely the plant entering flower therefore the nutrient demand is higher. It’s diverting what nutrients are in the lower leaves to bud production.

(The white hairs are pistils). When the pistils begin to turn amber/brown in a month - month and a half and start to wither, start checking trichromes — they will go from clear > cloudy > amber. Wait till they’re mostly cloudy and a few Amber. Ratio of cloudy to amber is your choice.

Don’t worry she knows what to do. Just feed her and don’t over water and you’ll be rewarded.

Water is heavy. ~8 lb per gal. When you water pick up the pot. She how heavy it is. ~ like a jug of milk. When it’s lite (~ 1/4 gal of milk or less) water it.


Looks pretty good considering the methods used. A little bit of a nitrogen deficiency but that was going to happen here soon anyway.
As stated above definitely start feeding the plant. Look for something low in N and high P and K.

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Thanks for your reply, Hellraiser.
I just looked at the box and am quite sure I’ve been using the wrong one . . . Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster Flower Food . . . the “Booster” part had me sold.


Cool Handle,
Thanks for your response, Indicanna_Jones
Can you recommend what I should feed her?

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Honestly I currently use fox farm but have used several over the years and there really isn’t a whole lot of difference in most salt base nutes. I plan on trying jacks and see lots of good results with it and its pretty cheap.


Thanks for your response, MH47,
I planted the poor thing in the first pot I saw. Unfortunately, it is one of those heavy red clay pots. Should I order another pot to place her in? And could you recommend me which type?
Thanks to you and all who have the patience with us Mr. Marshes . . . actually, he is a successful grower, isn’t he? :wink:

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I dunno. IMO, She’s done pretty good without your help so maybe you should let her show you how to grow. Try transplanting next grow.


I will. She definitely is a fighter and now I feel compelled to assist her in the fight.
Thanks MH47


Can you please tell me what is happening to my plant?