Help! first grow leaves yellowing

Hi All,
My 3 plants leaves are all turning yellow. They have been flowering for 2 weeks or so. I had to go out of town and came back to this.

The hairs on the flowers are turning color

I’ve been watering every 2 days, adding Overdrive late phase bud ripener
& weight gainer every other watering. This was recommended by the local grow shop. I noticed a bit of yellowing on a few bottom leaves last week and figure they may need more nutrients but held back on adding more as I didn’t want to over do it.

3x3 tent
12 inch plastic pots/ plant
organic potting soil (2/3)
miracle grow potting soil (1/3 on bottom)
500 watt LED light 18 on 6 off
4 inch fan with carbon filter
temp 70
humidity 42

Are you adding calmag with every watering? Not at feed, but waterings between. They need more nitrogen in flower.

I had read that the nutrients at flower should have a N-P-K of low- high- high. it said didnt need nitrogen at this stage. I read it here in one of the beginners things. that why I got the Overdrive nutrient additive.

Welcome @1197, she needs magnesium. She’s needed it for some time now. What are you feeding the plant?

Hi BobbyDigital
Im not adding anything but the overdrive I mentioned above. The guy at the local grow shop said I should not have used miracle grow potting soil as it time releases nutrients as needed. He said I would need to flush the plants before harvest to “clean” the nutrients or the smoke would be harsh. Thats why I only add the overdrive for flowering

I appreciate the help as a newbie, I’m a bit clueless but have learned alot from the website to get to this point. Things have been going great until this last week. I don’t want to loose them as they have come so far and they are close to harvest. I figured another couple weeks. So I need to add calmag and magnesium to save my girls? How much of each and how often?

You won’t want to flush with miracle grow. The more water you run through it, the more nutrients that get released. You’re kinda stuck with what you get. Water only has helped you and you can still add magnesium without any issues. Just add 1/4 tsp a gallon of plain epsom salt.

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Thanks BobbyDigital,
So All I need to do is add the epsom salt? Borderryan also mentioned nitrogen, should I add something for that as well? I’m like freaking out that I might screw this up so close to the finish line. Do you agree that they are within a couple weeks of harvest as well. They were germanated last week of september.

Looks to be closer to 4-5 weeks out. Adding nitrogen would not be a good idea if you’re in mg. Ryan may have not realized you were in mg soil. The magnesium should help them green up. But if the soil has started to tank in ph, there may be a lockout that you won’t be able to fix. The plants will finish but will look pretty rough at the finish line.

I forgot to check ph when I got back. 2 pots check at 7.0, 1 pot at 6.5. So I’m thinking I’m ok on ph. I also split a half gallon of water and an 1/8 tsp of epsom salt between the 3 pots. How long do you think it should take to see improvement?
I thought the auto flowers only went 8-10 weeks till harvest? Not sure I can resist the awesome smell in there for another 4-5 weeks…LOL. Been chomping at the bit as it is. Again, thank you for the help.

8-10 weeks in flower. Just like their photoperiod counterparts. Only difference is they tend to go into flower faster. I haven’t had an auto go less than 16 weeks seed to harvest.

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Hey @1197 get ur self some banana and cucumber skins and make a tea for ur plant and get some Epsom salts aswell .when u make the tea add two tablespoons of Epsom salt into the tea brew the tea for 24hours then give it to ur plant

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