A little experiment

I’ve been torturing this one plant for awhile now. Testing limits. Seeing what causes what and what she can take.

I took that scraggly sickly plant, super cropped, tied down, and pulled off the dying leaves. I transplanted from the one gallon she was in to a five gallon. I dumped two gallons of water into it saturating all the dirt. Then I just left it alone. Week or two ago I untied it and threw it in the flower tent because I needed the space for new grow. It hasn’t been watered since December 18th lol. Pot still has weight. (The pot was full at one poiny but I stole some of her dirt for a mushroom spawn experiment on a whim) So I can’t figure why it didn’t suffer from over-watering symptoms? I kept my first grow wet all the time early on. I didn’t know “better” and poured water in every day. Not huge amounts and they were in five gallons…but they were constantly wet. No wet dry cycle. Plants grew great. Only issue was the damn fungus gnats lol.

Practical application…I dunno transplant from solo cup at two weeks old and ignore for a month til flower…lol. probably nothing but I found it interesting.


Let’s grow mofo! Well done !!! Well done! Looks happy and healthy


Turns out all it needed was a break from me :rofl:


Trust me mine do better without my help also