A couple questions for yall

First pic are the 6 autos in my tent. Front left is one I’m most concerned about- it’s very bushy. Would y’all defoliate? I’m scared to because most people say don’t defoliate on autos. My next question is if anyone knows why my plants are so different in my tent vs outside. The ones shown outside are autos much more similar to the length of time I expected- I’d give them another month until harvest. But the autos in the tent are way bigger and just barely transitioning into flower, mostly still vegging tho. Why the big difference? It did rain a lot for a week straight when they were smaller, but otherwise I can’t think of why.


Hi! My first autos were pretty darn bushy and required defoliation (gradually over about a week or so). It opened up the plant a lot and allowed for flowering where it probably wouldn’t have happened due to the density of the fan leaves. However. I’m still in a rookie class, so I would defer to @Autos-only and @Aussie_autos - hopefully, they don’t mind the tag:)


I appreciate the tag! You can defoliate autos, iv done it both ways.
You don’t want to slow an autos growth down because its time is so limited, a healthy plant won’t even flinch at some minor trimming for air flow and better light penetration.


I go beyond defoliation with mine. Of course, I like to push my limits.

Topped, defoliated and pruned.

This one as well, but I also super cropped it as the colas where still heading towards the light and it is maxed in height.

Keep in mind, these are my first grows, but they are coming along fine. I just wish I had more space for these girls.

Banana Kush Autos


As for difference in height, outdoor plants are always going to grow bigger.

If you are concerned about the size, add more light.


Hey how are you by the sounds of things you had a beautiful indica plant being that it was so bushy ,well ok for one you did the right thing by defoliation and opening up the plant to allow more light into the canopy and to allow more airflow throw the canopy .what are ur main concerns with growing autos do u have pics of ur plants and what sort of medium are you using to grow in and are you growing organic or using bottled nutrients and what size pots are you using


Depending on your light schedule, if your lights are on for 18 hrs they are getting more light than the outside plants.

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