A couple questions about indoor growing

A question of a fellow grower:

have you ever used the air infused soil grow pots i think they are called spider systems i used it on my first grow and not having much luck out of 7 only 5 are going into the flower cycle im using organic 707 soil. thought i had auto seeds nope just ww fem .so should i make sure to leave them in darkness for 24 hours before i switch the girls to 12/12 cycle ?

my girls are 6 weeks old and have started in the last couple days to have nitrogen issues flushed out dirt and now wanted to just get the 4 large plants to flower they have about 6-8 branches very short stalky girls only 18-20 inches tall.

the two smaller girls i thought what the hell i will try to top then and i didnt do low enought so these girls just started making more branches and leaves love the WW tuff ass girls for sure.

had temp issueslast week now im down in the 20s at night so heat is on 24-7 spraying walls for moisture helps to keep me around 50%rh just installed a RO system will be watering with that instead of my well water .have a cheap ph stick check thing

my first grow died before making it to my 5x5 gorrilla tent

the lights are led came with the tent so i assume its 600watts keeping it about 24 inches from the girls trying to get them to stretch …i have one vent fan inline came with tent as a kit i did want to know should i put air going into the tent as the walls get sucked in when i run my vent inline fan with my phat carbon filter for smell the girls are starting to smell happy about that i have read somuch about these girls from your forum and i keep having a issue logging in says cant find my email or the password is wrong oh i have no idea…for now im just happy to have some girls in the tent also would like to set up clones at some point so i can harvest more offten any advice can i do it in same tent as flowers 12/12 cycle for cutting or seeds.i have 7 foot of head space also i think i have 1000s questions and dieing to get the forum to work for me

also could i just recurculate the air coming from the tent back into it cleaned by the filter or will that not be enough fresh new air rember out side air is 20 now at night 40 during the day or could i put a hole with a smaller say 2 inch pipe sticking up out of the 6 inch silver pipe coming out of the tent to get passive new air from the bilding its in that isnt heated but in the tent robert thanks im also wanting to put a plant in my house in the kitchen to play around with is that a good idea will it do ok with a cfl bulb and warmth from the house is about 72-84 i have wood burning stove so it warm inside so i can see how these girls act with diffrent way to grow maybe even keep a mother plant inside for cuttings?