Hi im new to indoor growing i would like some suggestions and tips off some more expericed growers

hi there im new to the whole growing indoor thing ill post a few photos of what my plant is looking like and my led i use id like some opinions and tips from some more experienced growers.im also almost at 2 weeks of veg stage . thank you


Welcome to the forum, great people around to help you.

Looks like a great start. If you have questions, ask away :smile:


hey @Zee @Ah-hee just a few questions how is my plant looking does it look like normal and good and healthy?
and should i run an intake fan as well as my exhaust? i have just a normal fan blowing in through the velcro vent atm, btw my setup is in a tent inside a cupboard.its planted in straight coco husk and my nutes im using are grow candy grow and bloom any suggestions and tips would be appreciated cheers

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@Maddogg Welcome to the Forum!!! We are here if you need anything. If you what to ask a question to a specific person you can @ them

For example @Ah-hee then ask your question, you can always @ multiple people at a time! Have a great day and happy growing!


@Maddogg, the plant looks happy and healthy.

How much height are you working with? When you mentioned your tent is in a cupboard I think you are height restrictive?

Some other questions.

What medium (Soil) are using
Is it a photo or auto plant?
Are you looking to get the maximum yield, or just want to get some harvest?

@Zee the tent is 62"X 20"X 36" and its in like a walk in built in cupboard ive gone full stealth lol
im using coco husk and its a photo. im just looking for a decent harvest with what room i have in there for the one plant atm i will upgrade to bigger and better in the future i just wanted to stay small for my first time.


That’s not much room.

IMO you need to top her or LST and have a short veg stage. Did you plan to do either?

yeah i know um no never planned thats why i thought id jump on here to get some tips from some more experienced growers,so should i top her, i was told once you turn them they grow alot bigger and quicker?

Can you get a taller tent?

Once you flip her to flower stage, yes they double in size during the first 3 to 4 weeks.

I think tent is 20x36" and 62" tall. Looks like same tent I have


i can but wont be able to fit in where it is atm i will get a bigger one start of next yeah when i move houses


@Maddogg, so your tent is 62" height?

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yep which is like 157cm tall

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A little LST and short veg period in order to manage height?


That’s what I would do, am I wrong in suggesting that?

Not when you have only 5’
My tent is 7’ and until I change things, my plants are limited to about 24"

@Maddogg I would run both if you can just to keep air circulation good for your ladies. At the stage you are at i had my exhaust fan at 3. And the fan depends on the fan really. Mines on the lowest setting but its a powerful fan. You want to give your ladies a gentle breeze not an overwhelming breeze that can lead to other issues. Are you feeding it at all. If so what are you using? Looks like shes losing some of her dark green in places

nah all good thanks for the tips guys, so im nearly at 2 weeks of veg would you suggest go 4 weeks veg and LST before turning? depending on how tall it will get in the next 2 weeks i guess?

@Ah-hee oh ok cool i use grow candy grow and bloom, how can i get more color into my leaves so theyre nice and green? my light is about 20 inches away aswel

What are you growing in?
Newer growth will not be as dark green as established growth.
Nitrogen is the greener upper. I would think your grow nutrients would have plenty of N in it.
Are you following recommended feed schedule based on grow medium?