90 Degree Plant Trainer for Low Stress Training

has anyone used these, is so how did they work put.


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I was planning on it. I thought I ordered a pack of 35 of them and about 6 weeks later they finally arrived. There was one single elbow in the package. So if you do order them, be careful. They say 35 in the description but there’s another section where you have to select 35 count. It was $5 for 1 or $9 for 35. Some shady shit.

A friend gave me a few to see what I thought. I think it’s crap.

Some solid core wire at Home Depot works for that.

@fishman I’ve used them, I bought 2 different kind/sizes and the first time I tried I snapped a branch, they’re not very flexible and it’s tough to get the branch inside of it without too much stressing, OR breaking, it’s a clever idea if the pieces were made of something more soft and flexible to get in easier, but I DO NOT recommend, as there is SEVERAL other ways to do the same thing!!!

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thanks all. was wondering how they worked. I will keep using pipe cleaners, they work great.

plastic coated thick tomato plant wire works well. $7 a roll.
don’t use the thin wire at the hardware stores.

@Gorrilagluegrower uses them

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Dont use that kind. They r hard to get on and off the branches u need a kind similar like these. Slide on and off super easy

I 3d printed these ones maybe i should start pri ting up a bunch and off them by the dozen lol. These work super well.


These all look like the 90degree guides for PEX plumbing. Check your hardware store plumbing section


they work great i gatta order more almost all out


Now you say that @Deez …I see that noe… PExX I’d before my plumbing years I’m 33 I’m a CPVC pvc and copper guy but I’ve re piped alot of poly butylene apartments…with cpvc

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Awh man cpvc piping suxxx. Couple winters and summers and it gets brittle fast. After id say 4 or t years of summers and winters. Dont let cpvc get frozen at all as a water line or u will have a mess of splits in the lones. Lol. Had to replumb a whole double wide trailer front to back top to bottom with all new pex li e. Was only 6 years old from factory. Ppl forgot to turn on their heat tape which cause a freeze upand split most of the cpvc in the house. Was a super hige disaster. Now factories stopped using cpvc and switched to pex because of this. Caused alot of havoc on the home factories because of the pipes freezing the way they didi. Lol. . the lst clips are absolutely wonderful tho. 2 seconds to con ect verses 3 minuted of tieing and bending with strings or ties lol.