8000k 25w round led lights vs wakyme 600w led grow light (veg mode)

Hi, firts time growing, i have 6 seedlings looking good, the question is, between a 8000k 25w round led light and a wakyme 600w led grow light (veg mode) which can give me better results, I ask why I don’t want to burn the seedlings, the 25-watt one doesn’t heat up at all while the 600-watt one says you have to leave it at least 2.5 ft. the last time i did this the seedlings stretched


If they stretched your light was too far away. Manufacturers suggestions on lights are a little bit like seed banks’ ads for autos… Your mileage may vary.

I would say bring it down until you feel a little bit of warmth on the back of your hand with your hand right above your seedlings, then raise it back up just a little. Make sure you check them regularly at first for signs of light and heat stress.

Don’t be afraid to try variations on the “recommended practices”. Every plant and grow are a little different. Sometimes you’ll find a minor change makes a noticeable difference.


thanks for advice

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Do you have another light for flower?

WAKYME light brings three options (veg, bloom and full spectrum) it says to be 600w and my area is 1m x 80cm, is it enough ??

what I have right now is:
-WAkYME led grow light 600w with three modes, veg, bloom and full spectrum.
-x2 kitchen led panel 25w 8000k round

  • led flood light ip65 100w 3000k
  • and I also have 3 HPS lamps 50w each and I would not like to use it because of the light consumption.

My growing area is 1m2, temperature without A/c 27c-28.5c but I have one installed just in case. Average humidity of 75 - 80 without A / C and 55 - 70 with A/c, and I have a deumifier just in case. Right now I have 6 plants in seedling stage 3 royal gorilla (fem) and 3 regular cockie gelato. the question would be which of all these lights do you recommend for each stage … thank you very much