6week flower no buds on clone

Have a bb#3 clone that is week 6 of flip no bud formation is this guy not going to bud or because of reveg gonna take a long time?

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From what I can see, there are white hairs popping up all over. I did just recently lose my glasses, tho. It can take weeks for a plant to get back into normal growth after reveg.


Ya, although its really slow it is flowering. You never know though, it may take off like a rocket after a certain point, or be a low producer

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Some Mpk would get her to tilt

Mpk? Never heard of this thanks

Monopotassium Phosphate Fertilizer (0-52-34)…100% Water Soluble powder… We that use jacks 321 have used this a week before flip, and two more wks through with good transitioning. I see preflower hairs on your girls, it should have went…

What nutrients are you using? Soil? Light? Feeding cycle?

If it were mine, i would lightly flush, and hit her with mpk, or at least something lacking nitrogen (your soil/feed may be hot with nitrogen, and holding her at the edge).

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Soil use the ffof and the FF trio. Bloom city cal/mag and myco+. So giving mpk to with no nittogen should help ush it over the edge? Was a clone that reveged now in flip for 6 weeks ago

Ive had one stick in reveg that long but due to 14hrs of light triggering flower, and then resetting a second veg… Crawled for 2 months before buds came on.

Something different is causing your issue. Heres the chart for your nutes. Do you follow this?:

I am by no means privy to this brand, but the “grow big” has the most N in it.

I wonder if you can jimmy the recipe in the chart, and reduce the grow big to half a tsp?
I’m sure there are thousands here that use that line, and have a solution.
You could also reduce your light to 11hrs, or even 10, and see if that does it…

I haven’t given it grow big in 7 weeks. Only big bloom which is organic with macronutrients and the buds and bloom are being used at this time. I had a power outage that I think messed it up. Not sure on that ohh ya after the power outage I kinda freaked out and instead of asking for help I reset the timer just to get the lights on big issue my lights were running 5am-5pm when reset changed to 10:30pm lights on 10:30 am it shuts off. I think that’s what has done it. Thank you so get mpk or if not available would any fert that has 0 nitrogen but high numbers on the the k and p then correct?

She will go. Just wait her out.

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