Well we have budding....2 weeks into flowering seems a bit slow ?..also tops of tall plants seem to be bleaching 2 ft away from 2 1000w hps


2 wks after flip is normal for the start of bud development. :relaxed:

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If you want buds within a few days from the 12/12 switch, 3 weeks before 12/12 switch to 16/8 for a week then 14/10 for 2 weeks. On my current grow, there were white pistols 3 days into the flip @Dr.greenthumb83. I also start easing into bloom nutes and backing off the grow nutes at the same time. That way when I do go 12/12, I can feed them full bloom nutes.


I don’t see any bleaching, I think that is just where new growth and pistils are showing a lighter color


I agree with @TDubWilly
The tops will show a light greenish yellow color when a growth spurt is happening

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Well thats good news to me guys thanks allot

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Next crop ill give that a try…i went from 60 days of t5 flouresant 24-7 right into 2 -1000w hps 12-12

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