600W versus 1200W

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I am a beginner at 65 years old and I have a question. If growing only 3 plants would I be better off starting with a 600 watt HPS light system or a 1200 watt LED light system? Thanks”

Welcome to ILGM Mad Scientist group ! Lighting depends on several things, one thing is what size is your grow area. Too small a space with a 1200 watt LED may lead to a heat problems. There are many other things, this is just one. I will leave this to my colleagues to expand on. I’m tired from a long Harley ride and going to go to sleep ! Jerry


Welcome to ILGM.
As @TxGrowman said it really would depend on the space you are growing in.
Each type of light has pros and cons really. I personally use a 600w MH/HPS light but I also run a 440cfm exhaust fan to help with the heat. LEDs are more energy efficient and don’t give off as much heat so they are generally cheaper to run. You might not need an exhaust fan to help with heat (although still recommend to exchange air).


Hello! LMK whether this is helpful for an at home garden - what about using an 8 bulb fixture of full spectrum T5 grow lights for a 3 ft by 4 ft area and 2 or 3 grow cycles then rotating them over to growing tomatoes/something else to maximize their useful life across different crops?

Each bulb costs about $12 so that is $96 and they can be rotated into growing food while the industry is rapidly changing with new product offerings and hefty fixture prices may drop on the current best selling LED lights as they get replaced with the new products…