5 gallon buckets?

Been thinking of transplanting my two girls into a 5 gallon pot… how well do 5 gallon buckets work?


A lot of growers use 5 gallon buckets, just make sure to put drainage holes in them.


I haven’t heard from her in ages, but @highcountrygal grows trees in 5-gallon buckets.


YES SHE DOES @elheffe702


From what I have seen so far on my last two grows, and a life time of growing other plants - one thing a plant is limited by is lack of root space. If a plant becomes root-bound it will be stunted and less prolific.

That having been said I decided this time around to go with laundry tubs or at least seven or eight gallon containers because my last plants especially completely filled the five gallon containers with roots all the way to the bottom…

In fact, it made me wonder looking at the balls of roots that I emptied out of the buckets and bags just what exactly happened to the soil in there? It was like some sort of alchemy, it had obviously not evaporated or disappeared into thin air, so it must have been absorbed and transformed by the plants themselves otherwise the soil would have been pushed out of the containers!

~ I also wonder how I might be able to compost the leftover roots in order to make an improved marijuana soil

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