40 days today, first grow

Just a little progress update on my first grow. 3 ILGM White widow autoflower grown in my rDWC and 2 ILGM Gold Leaf (I believe it’s a feminized seed)

The WWa in the tent I have scroged once so far and training it to max all grow area inside the tent

Gold Leaf grown in FF oceans and GH three part an some B-52 and Calmagic


Looks great man! Thanks for sharing, and welcome to the forums!!!

Welcome to forum! Pretty pretty girls!

Welcome to the forum @Closetgrower. Everyone looks green and healthy.

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I just bought some high output uva-uvb t5 lamps flower power @dbrn32 what’s your thoughts on these for increasing tricomb production during flowering

The girls have finally reached the second scrog and I’m flipping the lights this weekend


I’ve seen a lot of people post that using them for entire lights on period has caused some problems in their grow. You may wanna try implementing it for something like 30-60 minutes in middle of lights on and monitor for a while. Then adjust run time from there.

Yeah I have them on an independent timer at 30 min intervals for a total of 3 hrs throughout the 12 hour flower cycle



This cam really does no justice. This ILGM Gold Leaf is sticky-icky since adding the uvb.

Few progress pics of the ILGM GL


Looking very good! Nice and sugary.