2X4 P Scrog System with ILGM Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue

I’ve been using the P Scrog screen on my last two grows, after frustration with a trellis net that had too big of squares to train my branches underneath the screen.
This is my 3rd grow, and I’m pumped!

The P-Scrog system is working terrific.

Growing Notes:

  • Pictures Below are 6.5 weeks in Flower.
  • Tent: 2’X4’ (Gorilla Grow Tent)
  • Genetics: Bruce Banner and Gorilla Glue from ILGM
  • Light: Electric Sky ES300 v-3; 300 Watt (Discontinued :frowning: )
  • Soil–FFOF; Started in Cup, then 1 gallon, than final 5 gallon pot.
  • Nutrients—General Hydroponics Flora 3 Part Series (Will switch to Maxi Series when they run out.)
  • PPM: 800ppm; Feeding 6.5 pH’d RO water, with a Water, Water, Feed schedule.
  • Temps—72-75 daytime; 66-68 Nighttime; 12/12 light schedule
  • Humidity: Was 65-70% in Veg; now at 50% in Flower (6.5 weeks in flower)
  • Light—850 PPFD in center of tent
  • Ventilation–2 fixed fans below canopy; 2 oscillating fans above canopy; 6" Inline Fan with Filter.

Bruce Banner is on the Right; Gorilla Glue on the Left Side----
My canopy level isn’t perfect, but I’m working on that!!

I’ll keep you all posted…please let me know if you have any questions I can help with.

Good luck growing all!



Great looking grow…happy growing :bat: :yum:


Looking tasty!

Excellent job!


Beautiful scrog!!!


Do you just use a turkey blaster to get the water out of the drip tray after watering? I want to do this so bad have to have a way to get the water out just through the front of the tent


I use a small shop vac, with a narrow nozzle, and it is able to suck out the water from the saucers no problem! Takes 1 minute…


That’s an awesome idea!

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