First time grow journal:)

First time grower, still in the setup phase, unfortunately money’s an issue for me right now so this will be a slow journal until I can afford to put my tent together, shooting for late winter, early spring, maybe sooner if things pick up at work, for now, I’ve got a plan and a shopping list! My plan right now is for a 2x4 tent setup with 2 plants using a scrog. One thing I was hoping to get some input on is multiple strains in the same tent. I’m definitely gonna grow bruce banner, but was toying with the idea of getting the super hero mix pack from ilgm and growing a bruce banner and a Skywalker og. If it’s better to keep them separate I’ll just save the Skywalker for grow #2. I welcome all advice and suggestions from anyone with experience, especially with a similar setup! Can’t wait to get started! I’ll post pics of my current shopping list as well.



Looks like you’re working in the right direction. If I may make a couple suggestions.

Switch out the battery powered fan for a corded one. They should be about the same price and since you probably run it 24/7 anyways and it will chew through the batteries.

For your timers, I prefer the mechanical timers over the digital ones because if the power goes out, some of those timers will reset. They run 15-20 dollars each.

For your scrog material, most any kind of screen will work. I used a piece of green garden fencing. It seems like 30 bucks for a screen is pricey when you probably have something lying around that will work for free. Use that $30 to put towards a decent ph meter. I use an Apera ph20, runs about $50.

And finally, to answer the first part of your question, yes you can grow 2 different strains on the same scrog. You control the height with the screen so you could run a stretchier sativa with an indica and keep the canopy level.


Don’t think that light will be powerful enough for a 2 x 4 tent. Should shoot for about 50 watts per square foot. I have a 2x4 tent and run three lights at 450 watts from the wall. @dbrn32 is our light expert. It’s better to get a good light now then wait for later in my opinion. I have my first lights sitting around. Of all the money I spent on china lights was saved I could have purchased a QB light. Live and learn.


This gentleman will keep you straight :wink:. He has gave me excellent advice since I came to this site!


Thanks alot for the tips guys. That’s a great point about the timers. As for the fan it also runs off of a power cord, I picked it because it was the only clip on oscillating fan I found. Also I agree that’s too expensive for the screen, that grid I can get elsewhere likely for free. And the two things missing on the list were the ph meter and the ppm meter, but no worries, theyre on the list:) And I was planning on starting with one of those lights, as per a suggestion on another forum from someone who used them, and add one if it seemed like it needed more. I’ve seen a few journals as well from people who used the light with really good results and I think it should work well for me.


Looks like you are doing it right. I’m on my second grow, first was 2 Blue Dream. Now I’m on my second grow with 4 strains, Blue Dream, Chocolope, Purple Haze and California Dream. I’m up in the air about doing another 4 strain grow, I think it’s tricky to dial that many strains in, figuring out what each likes and doesn’t like, etc. That being said, itll be easier to keep 2 on track.


@Hitsmanytrees Welcome to the ILGM forum. You have found a place with great resources, helpful people, and a growing community. We represent the best of the online farming community. You have been given lots of great advice already. I hope you are able to incorporate all the advice you are given. Good luck on your grow. Post updates often we are rooting for you!!!