2x2 Gorilla Zkittlez

Hi all,

Be invited to this journal of mine. Today I popped one Gorilla Zkittlez photoperiod from Barney’s Farm. I have been working on this stealth grow closet for some time and finally the time has come to start using it, I still have some work to be done on the upper part of the closet (I want to cleanup the cables, so there will be space for the nutes and all accessories). When it comes to the equipment I will be using:

Tent: 2x2x4 HomeBOX
Light: 150W Diablo 648 by HLG
Fan system: AC Infinity 4" together with 4" intake PC fan.
Pot: The final pot will be 5 galon fabric.
Nutes: Lineup from GreenPlanet
Soil: CannaTerra Professional

Please tag anyone that would be interested in following as this is my first grow - any help will be appreciated :wink:

Since I have limited vertical space, my plan is to SCROG as much as I can to fill up the tent, yet keep it relatively short.


thats a sweet set up.


Looking good, set to follow :ok_hand:


Day 5.

There it is, it bothers me that the direction of first leaves is off. Should I be worried?

Temps are good, I’m waiting for a humidifier as 40% is hard to reach so I improvised with a bowl of water and a cloth so it ramps it up to 50%.