2nd Indoor grow (Photo/Variety)

Will be using this thread for my next photo grow.

Blue Dream, Catalina Wine Mixer, Pink Certz, Northern Lights, G13 Haze, Bruce Banner

5×5’ Gorilla tent
6" exhaust jetfan w carbon filter
6" intake jetfan w dust shroom
720w ROI-E720 LED
3 oscillating fans
Portable AC 6000btu
Co2 tanks - yes, starting 1200ppm in preflower
Seeds are from MSNL/Compound/ILGM

Soaked beans in water til tail popped.
Currently germinating in a heated germ dome with peat pellets (18hours/day - t5 light)
@ 78-82° ---- 65-75% rH


Nice gear

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Needed a high handicap🤦‍♂️
My thumb is not that green haha

What size are you fans? Hopefully not little clip fans and if they are you’ll want another one, one for each pole.

Eh you’ll be fine, might take a year but we all get better the more we fail.

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Thanks for the reassurance man🤙🏼
They are 6" clip on monkey fans and 2 of them sweep side to side, I do have a 4th one in the box but the 4th corner has the intake which blows in cold air from the portable AC outside the tent, so I just used 3 last grow…

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The blue dream, northern lights and g13 haze are from MS-NL

The catalina winemixer was a gift from a buddy, I think it was from Greenpoint seeds…(stretching)

The Bruce banner from ILGM, has been giving me the most trouble with germination.
I got a buy 10, get 10 free pack. Last week, I popped 5 in a cup of water with no success, then another 7. Only 2 of the first 12 gave me a tail, both of which have not popped out of the peat pellet(4 days)

I’m running the last 8 into germination today per ILGMs request, wish me luck. Taking any advice but I was thinking I’d do paper towel method on half and soak on half.

Got the tent cleaned out and dialed back in.

My light for the last grow was like 7’ or so from the ground(probably way too high) so I dropped it to 5’ and have all but the unhappy bruce banner in there now. Some of the seedlings stretched in the prop. dome and just fell over in the ‘windy’ tent so idk if theyll make it but I tried toothpicks to hold them up. Probably going to pop a few more beans today, in case they die or bruce banner dont come thru. Week 1 basically, here we go again! :raised_hands:t2::fire::dizzy:

Any tips are very welcome!
Please dish the criticism, trying to learn!! :pray:t3::purple_heart:


Set to watch if you don’t mind.

Happy growing

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When my girls got to long as seedlings I used popsicle sticks to keep them upright then planted them in 5 gal fabric pot with Happy frog and Fox farm soil mixed deep so the stem is buried all the way up to the leaves almost.and they took off.

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Right on thanks! I’m looking for something bigger than toothpicks but dont have popsicle sticks lol

Definitely gonna bury them a couple inches under soil but I didnt want to pack up my 5 gallons yet! :+1:t2: I have Happy Frog and also got a bag of Coco Loco from Foxfarm to mix, plus earthworm castings and crushed oyster shells.

@SilvaBack203 welcome to the show :call_me_hand:t3:


Pink certz? Yeah I’ll tag along as that sounds interesting as I’m getting bored ! :grin:

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Oops got my squash plant in there by mistake.


Right on, welcome! Hoping it’ll end up better than last time LOL she was a Bush ! #Pink Certz

She got put outside to make room for the auto run and was hit with a couple 110° days and dried up :weary:

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Yeah I’ve found that on the Gulf Coast bags work great! That is If you water them everyday! Forget two days and they about dead

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When your two monkey fans stop oscillating don’t bother buying any more. Monkey fans are what I’m getting more of but the non oscillating type. Plastic gears in them break when they turn into the wall of the tent or any other minor issue.other then that it’s early but looks good

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I have bought about 7 since april, most were free replacements LOL the UltraYield brand has a tiny ziptie around the power wire so when it oscillates it damages the power wire over a couple weeks (happened to 2 of them)

The monkey fans I’ve had better luck with but have replaced one for the reason you mentioned.

I am popping another pink certz and blue dream as those are my most wanted winter crops🤙🏼

Should I use tap water or RO for float germinating in a shot glass?

1 part hydrogen peroxide 2 parts tap

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The back left (Northern Lights) died when I put her in the tent yesterday, had a crazy stretch going. And front right (Blue Dream) just never opened right.

In tent-
1 Blue dream
1 Northern lights
1 Catalina winemixer
1 Pink certz
1 G13 haze

Even though we started poppin beans ~9/16, I think these first 5 can officially be 1 week old tomorrow, 10/1

Then earlier this week, a vibration stirred within me for another blue dream and pink certz. They both got a taproot within 24 hours and were stuck in peat pellets today in the propagation dome.

They are joined by 4 bruce banners in pellets.
4 out of 20 seeds is all I could get a taproot from on the ILGM bruce banner fem bag.
We’ll see if I can get any of em to break soil🤞🏻

In propagation-
1 Pink certz
1 Blue dream
4 Bruce banner

Was only wanting ~6 or 7 ladies in 5×5 for this run, will be picking the keepers next week and probably transferring any extras to my buddy’s grow. Definitely want some Blue Dream and Pink Certz to start 2022 off with. Any strain specific tips would be humbly appreciated!!!:grin::call_me_hand:t3:

Also, making a change to my soil regimen after doing some research into foxfarm (thanks420scene)

Got bags of strawberry fields, ocean forest, and perlite today to go along with the happy frog and coco loco I had.

The Plan – strawberry fields+10% perlite in the bottom third or so of the 5 gallon growbag

Then half n half OF/HF + 20% perlite + crushed oyster shells for extra calcium @1/4cup per plant

Pour half of the O.F mix on top of strawberry fields bottom layer

Small scoop of Mykos directly under transplant
Fill with the rest of OF mixture, plain water 6.5ph

Heres a snap of the prop dome… no luck on bruce banner yet, but the pink certz in the back is a beast enough. Taproot to peat pellet like 12 hours ago n shes comin up hard!

10/14 or ~3 weeks from taproot

Node spacing started off real tight, then growth slowed down a bit, figured it was time for a new home so I transplanted most of them to 6" plastic pots. Root development was great!

Added second Pink Certz and Blue Dream

Popped a few seeds from gelato/zkittlez auto herm, their taproots flew out quick so they are in 4" pots

Only issue has been rH, I got used to flower mode where I was having too high of humidity and took the humidifier out. Guess it’s time to put it back in cause 26% is too low right? :man_facepalming:lol

I’ll take pics when the light comes on in a couple hours but they are SUPER Droopy the last 2 days.

I havent really watered for 4-5 days, only solid foliar sprays 2x a day, have some plain water bubbling since last night so I can water them soon. Hope they have a quick turnaround.

Lil bro has my 2x2 going, they’re about 2 weeks older than mine, we transplanted to 15gal pots Wednesday and he topped them yesterday after they took hold. Blue dream pink certz and blueberry over there.

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