2nd Indoor grow (Photo/Variety)

10/16 Watered em good

10/17 Followed my gut and hooked up co2 to 900ppm and humidifier set at 64% (±4%)

Some are 2 weeks, some 4.
Hope that’ll help them correct alil
…stunted from low humidity, not enough water?

Blue dream is coming along nice, love the thin fingers look!

Flipping to flower mode this week!

Anyone know what is wrong with blue dream. This fan leaf is from defoliation yesterday off the very bottom…

Ahhm back. Sucks i didnt keep up with my grow log but i was so busy learning and fixing things. The 2 pink certz actually came out pretty nice and i remember someone wanting to see pics of her fruits so i came back to post a couple pics of late flower and end result.