2ftx6ftx7ft Setup. Two 250 watts bright enough?

Hi everyone.

I just started my first grow. 3 blueberry kush plants. They are less than 2 weeks old growing in coco coir as we speak. They seem to be doing alright :relaxed:. My grow closet is 2ft x 6ft x 7ft which I really feel good about. I’m growing in Nigeria, west Africa. Temps can be as high as 89F during the day but I get it under control with an A.C. I intend to veg with cfls and flower with two 250watt HPS lamps fitted with cool hoods.

My question is that will two 250watt HPS lights be bright enough to produce more than average yields for my 3 plants? Will the footprint from these 2 lights be enough to cover my grow area? In my research I only read about 250 watt HPS but hardly saw videos of people growing with them. I’m on a very tight budget already cos I hard to imported virtually everything I needed from Europe to Africa. Temps can be high too, so I figured the 250s will be easier to cool down and hung closer to the plants.

Guys I really need a hand here.

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42 watts per sq. ft. should be enough light (based on rule of thumb). I’d put the 3 plants in a row and space the 2 lights over them.

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Too late now, but maybe in the future. If you’re worried about heat in your space, LED’s are something to consider.

@Matthew420 thanks for the idea. I already had my space setup that way. Good to know I’m on the right path. As for the LEDs believe me I would have bought them if my wasnt tight. They are really expensive though. But what size of LEDs would you recommend for my space?

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Aim for 25 - 50 true watts per sq. foot. 25 being minimal and 50 being ideal. I’m at 37 myself.

When I say true watts I mean the actual watts the light is using. For example, I’m using Viparspecta 900’s x 2. The actual watts they use is 418, not 900. 900 is the equivalent watts. So I use the 418 watts in my calculations.

I think with your lights 250 each is the true watts (could be wrong) so you have 500 watts divided by 12 sq. feet = 41.66 watts per sq. foot. More than me and I’m not worried :slight_smile:

Long story short, look for an LED or LED’s that add up to around 500 true watts.


Ok I’ll keep that in mind.

I was thinking the rectangular nature of my space would make it difficult to get an affordable LED that would have a footprint large enough to cover the closet. Maybe two small LEDs could do the trick.

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My tent is 5’ x5’ and I have two Viparspectra 900’s centered in the middle and two 4-foot LED shop lights. The 4-foot lights are just being used to fill in the very edges of the tent.

And you’re right, LED’s are angled at 90 degrees down so the sweet spot is right under it. That’s why I added the tubes. You might not need those though.

Like this. Green being plants and yellow being lights.


Love the diagram m8! Excellent you show such love in you help. Peace!

As you saw I liked you diagram, could you be assed telling me what you grew, how long? Yield? Cheers I’m aiming g my first grow and I’m already getting to carried away with space but looking at your 5x5 looks good. I need to sow n grow before I can grow n Blow. Cheers bruv

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I’m using the same 900 watt light, only one. Have 2 plants in a 4x4x7 tent… A little under sized?

For 2 plants you’re probably ok. Go with the 50w per sf rule but measure the space the plants are taking up, not the entire tent size. I bet if you do that, you’re in the range.


@Matthew420, thx for tip, may get another 300 watt viparspectra before flower but that’s a way off now, gla you like the light, makes me feel better lol

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