2fast 2vast ,r they ready yet

2fast 2vast in soil, 32 days after start of flowering, 70 days after germination. Are they ready for harvest. Now started watering plain pH water.


In a word .No .these are just starting there second bud cycle .give them 2-3 weeks .


I just flushed it with plain pH water today. Do I continue with fertilizer ? For how long ?


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Anyway I think this wil help you out alot.
I have more info If you need it.

Watch Pistils

This is the simplest harvest method. Watch the pistils/hairs growing on the buds and harvest based on how many have darkened and curled in.

For a speedier high, harvest when about 40% of white hairs have darkened and curled in

For highest THC levels and buds that make you soar, wait until buds have fattened and 50-70% of the white hairs have darkened and curled in.

For higher CBN levels, which cause more of a relaxing effect, wait until new white hairs stop growing, and 80-90% of the hairs have darkened and there are few white hairs.

Watch your Trichomes

For the marijuana scientist, watching the trichomes gives you a bit more insight into what’s going on with your plant’s cannabinoinds.

Plus it’s really fun to look at trichomes through a jeweler’s loupe or microscope.

Early on, when there are still many clear trichomes, buds tends to produce a heady, wired kind of high. THC levels are lower at this point, though they’re ramping up each day.

For highest THC levels, harvest when nearly all the clear trichomes have turned milky white. This will produce buds with the most mind-altering effects.

For a more relaxing effect, wait to harvest until many of the milky white trichomes have darkened to amber/gold. These amber trichomes have a bit less THC, but more CBN. The presence of CBN often reduces the anxiety some people feel from high THC levels.



Trichomes , pistils? some body enlighten me

Trichomes are the the little sparkling things that look like you sprinkled sugar on it . They are where the THC ( the fun part ) is produced and stored . You will need a magnifying glass or a small hand held microscope from amazon they are under 20 bucks . Good luck and welcome to the best place for seeds and advice on how to get most out of them on the web .

Way to early
8 or more weeks in flower most all strains bud will double in size keep strong i know its tempting to cut it but youll not get the full harvest if you cut 4 weeks early


And pistils are the little hairs .
Hammer .

@jackpot78 , Do you have update picts yet ?
Hammer .

Harvest on day 85

Harvested about 3oz on 16/11/2016 , will cure for 15 days or more before my first smoke


Nice .:wink::sunglasses::grinning:
Hammer .

This is the trichome. With good magnification, you can gauge the color of them. They’re beautiful when you see them up close!

Images just can’t do justice.

Nice buds.


This is what they look like in Amber


Did I enlighten you



This photo shows amber trichomes intermixed with clear/cloudy ones. Click the photo to open full scale and see the detail.


I don’t need to click on the pics to see those ambers. More than I would prefer personally, but hey… it’s your grow, LOL

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Oh great. My local buddy has been telling me to wait. I was afraid I was too eager. I thought I was supposed to wait for 20% to be amber. (First harvest.)

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When you start seeing amber that means you’re THCA is going down and your couch lock is increasing

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Id say your over 20% man

Here’s a bigger view of that bud. The top is all clear/cloudy. There is a band with amber a little below that, and everything farther down is still clear/cloudy. This is a very gray area for me. On any given bud, it’s mostly clear/cloudy even as some portions of it begin to turn. So when do you harvest? When you begin to see amber at all? Or should I wait wait until the tip and bottom of the bud begin to turn too?


@ProctorPot what is your goal? Couch lock or more uplifting?

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