2024 Summer Time Grow in Upstate NY

So much easier IMO, Ma nature does wonders, a bit of attention paid to bushes/pruning, a bit of nutrition now and again, daily check for fun!!!

But I also like indoors and the care thats needed, gives me something to during winter blahs.

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@SonofHeisenberg where you get those big roller trays? Need some for 10 gal bags.

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@SonofHeisenberg looking good, I’m in upstate NY also just about 20 minutes from Canada, can’t wait to see how this year turns out ! The weather has been awfully funky so who knows what Mother Nature has in store :v:

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Never mind my brain was in that mode I see what you did now :+1:

OK… Update… Here we are the 2nd of June…

Two sets of seeds… Started within one week of each other

First: 4 Autos, grown. Started inside … Then outside in 30 gallon coconut

South full sun… Well Watered / Fertilized / Well Cared For.
No Frost or temps below 50F… Starting to see some tiny buds

Reasonable strong smell

Things not looking too impressive with the outside girls…

But vanilla visitors still freak out. :> & Thats fun !

Second: 3 “Photos” , Started in 4" Rockwool / Hydrotron.
Seeds started at the same time +/- as “Autos”

Tent grown, Temp & Humidity Controlled - 18hr light

Just about to go to 12/12 light (Flower)

Just time to enjoy the summer and watch what happens wit both grows

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Looking good, nice companion plants for sure!!

I’m in Upstate too. These are my 3 Afghani photos in 15 gallon bags of compost.



July 7th… Summer grow with Autos (Outside grow vs. Tent grow) about to come to an end… Just a few more weeks at best…

The outside grow… Was not trimmed or trained… But well watered and fertilized. Ended up with one main Cola with each plant… But really thick & full… And it did freak out vanilla visitors which was fun.

The tent grown 3 plants… Also not trimmed… Just properly watered ph, fed and left to do what they want… There will be a good yield… But mostly “Larf” sided buds… Will never NOT trim/train a grow again…

Gotta say… Tent grow was huge in comparison with the outside (south facing, well care for grow)

I agree on the autos ive had great luck with white widow outdoors from seed. I ran some fast version gorrilla girl sweet seeds and ppo by them as well made out decent last year that smoke fucked with my plants big time though. This year got 6 different cultivar’s critical orange punch dutch passion and gorilla girl f1 fast version and purple punch og. Then caked up cherrys that did well outdoors last year got very dark purple too. Hopefully the late fall rains stay away this year. Good luck fellow growers steuben co

Welcome to our happy home of Pharmers

OK… Its Harvest Time for the outside grow…

Not sure I will do an outside grow again…

Tent Grows are just too good.

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Maybe the yield was not that bad for the effort of planing three seeds…

and having the wife water … :>

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