20 days in when to top?

And how often? It’s a Photo Critical 2.0

It is not necessarily age. The general rule I follow is 5 or 6 nodes tall. Top above 3rd or 4th node. Strip the bottom growth points. From there it is deciding what you want in the end.
A plant from 5 days ago

I try to give a basic primer of what I am doing in my journals. Most recent is Afghan to close 2022


Post a pic, it’ll help with a judgement call.

Clarification needed: Is it a photoperiod or an auto? “Photo Critical” is that the name or description or voth?

FWIW, I myself do not top autos. A FIM is less stressful on an auto.

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I meant it was a photoperiod type seed,strain is Critical 2.0.

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