2 questions all in one

Ok what happens if the pistils bend or go to far? And when harvesting can I still and hope and spilt stem

I dot think your using correct terms here bud

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pistils can bend or whatever they arent important really.

When harvesting there is no need to split the stem. You have already killed the plant. You should do the stem splitting prior to harvesting. The longer the pistols the better. Especially when they turn pinkish looking they are very pretty. She may be more potent trying to reach out for male pollen.

@zparkie2 do all strains have pink pistils or is that genetics?

A lot of factors I have found out in the short time I have done indoor grows, They start out pink, orange, red. I had one plant a while back that had very pink hairs when they started changing from white, but they turned orange as they matured. Strains are different but I found a lot of other things factor in on the plant colors, as for pH, Soil or not, nutrients, trying to nail down one thing is hard because everything changes with temperature and humidity. Hope that helps in your grows.