Harvest ready or not

As I’m coming to the end of my first grow, I’m realizing why people top and scrog- but that is a skill for the next grow. The issue I am having now is that all of my bottom buds seem ready (if not over) to harvest, but my top, main bud it still growing. I inserted some magnified photos of the buds- the warm tone photo is of my very top bud while the cooler toned one is of the bottom bud. Very different stages. I’m wondering if I pull the whole plant now and start my drying process or wait?? Need advice. I’m already over three months into this grow and it is a feminized blue haze.


I think you still have a week or so to go. You still have a lot of white pistols. I tried to look and didnt see any amber trichomes.


yeah it’s hard to get good pictures- that’s what I needed to hear though. thank you !


Just keep an eye on the pistols. When they start turning brown and receding its time.


Nice looking plant, congrats on your first grow! Yeah, pressure to train on a first grow can be a bit much, and I think it’s a good experience to grow a plant naturally for the learning.

Looks like she needs a bit more time. Keep an eye on her trichomes and maybe at some point also snip off a piece of bud with sanitized scissors to test her out. Being a sativa, maybe you don’t want amber trichomes, but it comes down to a personal preference.