2 problems. Dark green leaves and slow growth

I’m “trying” to do this by the book. So far I’ve used only 25 bag seeds(I know the quality can be shit but this is a test run before purchasing better seeds later). Currently I have 13 plants that are alive and look well. Doing extensive research over the last 3 weeks and here’s what I’ve come to ask:

Any idea why the leaves are so dark green and why plant sizes are so small? (comparing to others I’ve seen online)

18 hours of light per day. Watering roughly every 2 days or as needed. PH levels are spot on. Humidity is at 52%. 2 fans blowing all day. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Post a pict please.


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Don’t stress it. If you’re feeding them, slow down a bit. Are the plants 3 weeks (couldn’t tell by your post)? I’ve had smaller plants at that age, but we all want the monsters.

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They are exactly 3 weeks old today. I haven’t fed them any nutrients if that’s what you were inferring (apologies, still new to this). Thanks for the reply!

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We could use more info, like… what medium are they in? Watering schedule? Lighting type and distance? Temperature and humidity? Any ventilation suchbas air moving fans? The more info you provide the better.

I didn’t know. What’s the soil you have them in? Again, I’ve had smaller plants at the same point in time.

I’m a less is more grower. The seeds go into peat, coco coir or rockwool. They only get water for the first 10-14 days. Then I plant them in super soil with no amendments, They grow in that for a month and then I start to feed them, I feed at half strength and water every 2-3 days. I soak my plants to run off once a week.


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I noticed the moisture meter in the back and those cups are very wet. I am willing to bet the slow growth is from over watering.

Many growers recommend not using those meters, BUT I use the same one you have and it works for me.

Do not water until the meter is between 2-3. Cannabis likes a wet/dry period. When you pick up the solo cup you will notice how light the cup feels. Try to learn to get a feel by picking up the container the plant is in to see how light the container feels. It will help you learn when to water.

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Medium type: Soil (?) Fox Farm Ocean Forest
Watering Schedule: I leave them under the lights as Rx’d. I water the entire solo cup (to the point where water is dripping out of the bottom holes) about every 2-3 days or as the soil dries.
Lighting Type: Spider Farmer SF1000
Distance from seedlings: 24 inches
Ventilation: two fans on floor blowing into tent. One 4" inline fan inside tent
Temp and RH: Temp stays between 74 and 80 degrees. Humidity is at 50% but will rapidly fluctuate based on how high the humidifier is running in the tent.


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Is there a better meter you would recommend? Those @#$)@# things are huge and every time I place them into the soil to run checks, I feel like they’re going to break roots in the bottom of the cup.

For reference (if it helps) - this is the setup I’m currently using:


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Ok, there are a few things I would do differently in the future. I wouldnt start my seedlings in FFoF or any commercially fertilized mediums… they just dont like it period. There is enough food in the cotyledons to take your seedling all the way to the second set of true leaves. Thise mediums are typically too hot for seedlings. I use straight promix hp ore moistened and firmly packed into either solo cups or even better, sour creme containers. Note no fertilizers at all until the 3rd set if true leaves appear, then I use seaweed and kelp extract for the first and second watering.
Now heres the deal with pot plants, they hate wet feet. The best way to water seedlings is to use a syringe that will hold around 10 cc of water, easy to find and cheap at drug stores. Water around the seedling, in the beginning, around an inch away from the stem. Only use 5 cc of water! Thats it! As the little bugger grows move the circle out and double the amount to 10 cc. Remember you placed the material pre moistened in the container… until roots drink it up its still there, no need to flush it until it drips out the bottom! Cannabis is a desert / semi arid plant that prefers well drained rich soil. It isnt a jungle plant that likes wet feet. Once you see root coming out yer drain holes its time to pot up into your ffof, I would pre moisten that as well… and when I say pre moisten I mean humid, not squeeze dripping water out of. Just humid moist.Processing: 20210307_115139.jpg…

If you chose to use sourcreme containers you can fill the bottom 1/3 with ffof.



Great info!!! Thank you so much!

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Hey bodole1 i have the step up spider farm 27,27,63with the sf-1000, first attempt looking to add another light want to do 3 autos. Do I have that much space ? Also having temperature issues wants to stay hot, around 80, Any and all tips would be great, thanks