2 Plants - 1 growing well, the other very poorly. and looking for some advice :)

Hi there.

2 plants (Purple Kush Autos) planted at the same time - 21st March - (in peat pots which I’ll not use again) in a 60% peat compost. Both seeds from the same packet. Kept indoors (UK) as nights too cold but transitioning to greenhouse in about a weeks time (hopefully), were they shall remain although I intend to pot-up into 20 litre pots in maybe 3-4 weeks.

2 weeks ago I potted-up into 18cm pots, planting the plant and the peat pot into a substrate mix of 1 part soil/2 parts compost (60% peat)/1.5 parts perlite. One week ago I gave them their 1st feed (Dyna-Gro GROW at about 1/3 strength).

So both plants have had the same water (at pH of 6-6.5) feed, substrate, light & warmth yet one appears health and growing strongly (although it seems a little small for four and a bit weeks - but I put that down to a combination of insufficient light and the cold snap we recently had), while the other plant is hardly growing, has small leaves (which are yellowing a little) and just generally doesn’t look well.

I’m thrown as like I say both have been treated the same and have the same environment yet there seems a world of difference between their growth ands health and I’m kind of bugged. Would love to hear any thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum! Do you have any pictures?

And plants, like people, don’t all look the same. Even siblings that share the same parents.


Hi Underthestairs,

Thanks for the welcome.

For sure I appreciate that plants can be different; weaker/stronger, grow at different rates etc, but I’m pretty sure there’s an issue here - an reversible issue I think :-).

Tried to take pictures last night but the pics were be bit naff so tried again this morning. I’ve uploaded 3 pictures of the healthy plant and 4 of the poorly plant and the difference is clear (although the pictures don’t really capture the difference in size).

To my untrained eye it looks like overwatering - which is confusing as both plants treated the same - but I’m going to be very careful on watering from now on. I’m going to let the poorly plant dry out a bit (not severely) and then water sparingly for the next week and a half.

Unless of course you have a different thought?

Cheers. TP

The 1st three pictures are the healthy looking plant, the 2nd four pictures are the poorly looking plant

Ooo the big Plant small plant problem, I still do that shit , she look over water


Well @teepee it looks like you’re still off to a fine start. The more I read about autos the more I’m realizing they aren’t the beginner friendly training wheels many of us started out thinking they are. I agree with marsh about the water, but I have no experience in your soil. I do know that autos don’t love being overly fed as they’re sensitive to nutes.

Read a ton and don’t over react. If you want to get someone’s attention use the @ in front of their name.

Have fun!

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Thanks for the feedback (and encouragement) @Underthestairs & @Randy_Marsh. I think overwatering is the likely cause too - which means I can hopefully recover the situation :-).

Not to over react is great advice as I certainly need to temper my inclination to tamper too much! I love the idea of autos but agree, I don’t think they’re necessarily the easiest growers - you know you’re always up against the clock if & when problems arise for remedial action. Thanks for the steer regarding nutrients and autos.

Reading lots and thoroughly enjoying the experience!

Cheers TP

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Seedlings need lots and lots of humidity. They dont take in water well through roots bc they are just developing. They get their water intake through humidity/moisture on the leaves. Mist them with well balanced PH water between 6-7, and mist the inside of a clear plastic dome (like a clear solo cup) and cover each seedling with it. ANd repeat - got to keep them moist with humidity for first few weeks until roots are established.

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Is over watering don’t worry about how you trade both plants in same they grow different I said by experience just try don’t feed water for like 2 or 3 days and she be back to life

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Thanks @IKnowURider, that’s really useful to know and I certainly hadn’t appreciated the role of humidity in the early days due to the undeveloped root system. That’s a great bit of knowledge/understanding - thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Mefis, that seems to be the consensus which means it can be rectified. I’m going to pay close attention to the watering regime from now on.

Big cheers. TP


@teepee yeah cuz some plants sometimes have different care I don’t know why but happen sometime in any plants good look bro

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