OK, what's with this OG Kush?

Hi all! First grow here. The issue I’m concerned about is one of my three plants is growing dramatically differently than the other two and seems underdeveloped. Here are the details:

I decided to try out the Auto 2.0 mix. I planted one of each seed. I used Fox Happy Frog soil with a bit of coco coir and vermiculite in grow bags. Two 600W full spectrum LEDs. 2x4x5 grow tent. Controlling the humidity well enough. Tent gets a little warm at times, so I’m probably going to move it to a cooler space soon, but it peaks at 80 at its hottest and is usually low-to-mid 70s. 18-6 light cycle, mainly to let the hottest part of the day be light-free to keep those temps down.

Six weeks in, here are the three plants. From left-to-right, OG Kush, Jack Herer, and Bubblegum. Now, I do see the red/yellow on the Jack’s and Bubble’s leaves. The pic doesn’t show it very well. I’m attributing that to the PH being too high, and I’m working on pushing it down. And BBG there is a bit lanky. But you can see that it’s looking like BBG and Jack are indicating they’re going to have a lot of nice buds.

On the other hand, there’s Kushy on the left. Kushy is short, squad, and has no indications of any buds at all. Just lots of nice, green fan leaves. Kushy got the same soil, same water, and same light as her sisters, and she was planted the same day. In fact, she was the first to sprout. I’m not sure what the problem is or if she just has a dramatically different shape/size or bloom time than Bubbles and Jack. As it’s my first grow, I think it’s more likely that I’ve done something wrong, but surely Kushy isn’t a boy or a feminized seed as opposed to an auto?

Any advice/guidance on little Kushy (or on the red/yellow leaf situation, though I’m pretty sure that’s all about the PH keeping it from absorbing certain nutes) would be appreciated. I’m very new to this, but I tried to read, read, read as much as I could before starting. I’m hoping my first grow doesn’t fail completely.


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Do you know what your pH is?

Just like kids, plants are each unique as well. I have 2 strains in flower right now who were planted on the same day, managed the same way, and given equal treatment in all things. One plant is 2.5 times the size of the other. I don’t really think much of it other than I’m happy I hit the genetic lottery with the larger one.

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Yes, the PH is 7-to-7.2 as close as I can read on my tiny dial. I’ve started - about a week ago - using PH Down in the water to get the water to 5.5-to-6 in hopes of lowering it. I wasn’t sure how low was safe for the water, and I didn’t want to shock the poor things with water that was way to acidic. I figure it will ease things down over time (fingers crossed!).

Welcome to the community ! 80° on the high side is not a problem. The plant in the middle in Early flowering stage. Light green in color and leafs turning yellow. My first thoughts plant is hungry. Needs. N P K. Verify by Checking your PPM runoff. Overall plants look good. Good luck.

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I agree with :point_up_2:. Have you started feeding. It looks like a nitrogen deficiency.


That statement leads me to believe you are using one of those 3-in-1 meters. Throw it away. You need a decent digital PH and TDS meter to properly grow and maximize yields.

As @MidwestGuy pointed out every plant is different. With different timing, nutes, light load, heat, RH etc. You could put the tent into 12/12 and plant will likely flip.

You should be supplementing your media with cannabis optimized nutrients as the Happy Frog is depleted.




That what I thought also.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I will definitely get a more accurate meter.

I guess I’ll just wait to see if little Kushy decides to produce any flowers. The other two have such nice clear signs that they’re going to start, but Kushy is all leaves. Lol. Maybe she’s just a late bloomer.

got the same seed pack for my first grow theres ogk jack herer and bubble gum