What Happened to this OG Kush?

Here are some pics from my first ever auto OG Kush. I have no idea what happened. The other auto strains Jack H and Bubblegum are doing AMAZING. Anyone know???



The leaf pattern is abnormal, but nothing to be concerned with.

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@BeefJerk; Welcome to the community. Here is a pic of my OG Kush auto she is 6 weeks old from sprout. thumbnail (64)|375x500 I also have a Bubble Gum going to she is 8 weeks old from sprout

Bubblegum auto in a hydro bucket 10 weeks tomorrow i believe

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Looks good

Here is my Bubble Gum auto 8 weeks from sprout.

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Wow mine went wrong. Got a cheese auto same age as bubblegum @nd its just flowering no buds yet but its twice the size of the bubblegum and in a bigger pot. Bg is in a 6 gallon bubble bucket. Cheese is in a 10 gallon fab pot with soil.

cheese is the big one the other 4 are 2 xkittles and 2 white widow

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My w.w and zkittles look like they r sstretching pretty bad. Mh light over them about 2 and a half feet. Should i lower it. Noder got 3 to r inches between them

Yeah I would. just do the had test to see if it’s too hot

zkittles 1 month today w.w. 1 month

So whats the truth on lst woth autos and it stopping growth for about 10 days after any kind of training. Maybe this is why my cheese is taking so long already bent the main over at 2 weeks and like a week ago ive spread it open some more to expose the inners some. Its super wide and green as can be has tight ass nodes all over it with little pistils but been that way for 2 or 3 days now. Wtf. Thats the plant i want to try the moat and its giving me problems.

I forgot to mention this is about 9 weeks in. Should I give up?

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I am pretty sure it is a genotype expression of the Ruderalis that makes it an auto, it has three blade leafs kinda like a duck foot. Your plant is fine

@BeefJerk; Welcome to the community. She looks good