OG Kush Auto... Hermied?

Hi Folks. I’m growing Autos (from ILGM) for the first time, this summer, and it looks to me like my OG Kush Auto has hermied. Before I kull it, I want to be 100% sure though. Some of the photos below will look like a normal female, because that’s how she looks… but not all!

Any and all advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!!

  • WonkaMan

Looks like nuts to me…:frowning:

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Yeah, I’d get those off before they open up and release pollen.

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As I feared. Thanks @Zee and @MidwestGuy. “Get those off”?? Can I castrate it rather than kill it?

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Yeah. Just pic the pods off.

Maybe you’ll get lucky. Ive had that happen at my topping sites. Picked them off and didn’t see anymore after

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@MidwestGuy and @Konflict: That’s great news. I’ll head out there right now, and do that. Carefully. And hope that’s all I see of them. Thanks for the tip!!

You lifted her skirt and she is a shemale. :pensive:

Well I snipped off her balls, and I’m hoping that’s all there will be to it. Though I’ll be keeping my eye on her for sure. And if it’s a perpetual problem, I’ll take it out back, and bury it. But I’m hoping to harvest a little Indica this summer, and she’s my chance at that. We’ll see…

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Same thing happened here. Plucked em off they never came back