2 plant tent and light kit online

Huh, well maybe I panicked? I took out of the dunk and put in moist/wet paper towels which I know also work but maybe I’ll go back to the dunk tank

Which one you get? Reads Watts lamp is putting out or drawing from outlet??

I know hellraiser said 4-5 days with quality beans.

I believe it’s reading what I’m pulling from the wall?? @dbrn32 can you jump in and check this out real quick? Also if it is reading what I’m pulling from the wall how can I use that to help me determine where to set my dimmer at


You literally just plug the light into it and as you use the dimmer it will reflect what wattage is being pulled. Is that what your asking?


Did I read that price correctly? Surely that thing ain’t 350.0

Mmm I see it at harbor freight for 25 bucks

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Yes, but not for that price! Hydrobuilder has a descent lux meter for 50.

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You guys are looking at an advertisement on the top of the page… lol. :rofl::rofl::rofl: That’s a $30 meter

Im talking about meter you put under light, above plants, and reads Watts

I’m not familiar with this. You mean one of those 3 in 1 probes that also measures ph and moisture?

You can’t read watts with a light meter to gauge lux/par/ppfd or whatever you may be after. They are separate devices. At least as far as I know. If there was such a device to measure watts through light intensity I can’t imagine it would be accurate at all.

As for wattage monitoring I like to use this one… two separate monitors

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Yes I may be incorrect on watt reader. The one Hydrobuilder has measures footcandles? In 3 different scales. Know anything bout that?? Its a digital light meter it says. I guess im asking what’s cheapest way to know how much my led is putting out when im using dimmer. I see 1 footcandle = 10.76 lux.

1 foot candle is like 11 lux, sounds like a lot of math.
You can judge the plant by light needs depending on node spacing, and how the leaves react.
For the first 3-5 weeks keep it 20-25 inches away on 60-100 watts, slowly up it to 50% and monitor the plants.
Then you just keep pushing. :man_shrugging: Full wattage during the first 6-8 weeks of flower at 19-24”, or you can dim and run it a little closer. I’ve tried using DLI app and it was good for a time. Now I just go off of distance. You’ll be able to “feel” them out.

I’m running these under 130-150watts at 22”-24” 32-34 days of age in veg.


Info I was looking for BUT, how am I to know what Watts im at? I know the 350r is from 60 I think, to like 340. So just figure how far you’ve turned dimmer knob?

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The watt meters will read in real time as you turn the knob.

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So im trying to figure out what meter to get, without spending $$$!

Whatever you decide on make sure it’s the kind that can handle Staying plugged in. I’ve seen a couple that you plug in and unplug every time to change the setting. That kill o watt meter is popular an is around $30. I think I spent $40-50 for mine and allows you to monitor 2 separate plugs. Which I have extensions plugged into each. :man_shrugging: As long as you do your research bro and it is reputable you will be fine. Or honesty just do it the old school way, and guesstimate. As long as you are monitoring the plants reactions you should be good. Don’t over think it! :v:t3::sunglasses:


Mine goes to eleven


That’s the problem. Overthinking and just wanting it all to be as on point for the girls as possible! And Monday I will be talking to my guy at hlg anyways, so he can give me some input. Still baffled why he’s taken me under his wing like he has. Will be meeting him in person in November at cannacon Virginia. Very stoked to go to that. Will learn a ton im hoping.

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Oh I totally get, with photos you’ll have time in veg to find the sweet spots. For a little extra reassurance find yourself a meter. :v:t3:

That is really cool @pr id be excited too!

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