1st try failed, help my 2nd succeed!

Starting from seed.
Soaked for 4hrs in distilled.
Currently sitting on wet paper towels in a plate dome on a heat mat at 77F.
Rapid rooter plugs soaking.

How wet do I want rapid rooters?
When placing rapid rooter plugs in tray, how much water should be sitting at the bottom of tray? Should I put a light buffer of perlite on the tray beneath rooter plugs to minimize excessive watering? Am I offbase?

Help a newbie out!

I wish I could help you out but I don’t start seeds that way. I soak 18 to 24 hours. I then place them in damp toilet paper for 48 hours. Then plant in their forever home.

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My method is very similar to mr.Peat.
I soak for 18 hours in water with a splash of hydrogen peroxide. After that, I place them in a paper towel in between 2 plates. Place that in a warm dark place. I check once a day and spray with water if needed. 100% germination with that method so far. @grins